Sunday, January 12, 2014

Triathlon Coach - CHECK!

Yes, I finally lined up a tri-coach.  I'm checking this out for a month to see how it goes.  I say a month because it's crazy expensive.  But I've gotta say that being accountable to someone other than me will be a welcome change.

I met with my new coach last week and he has already set some pretty different workouts than the path I was on with  He wants to focus more on the endurance side of the sport in all three areas rather than on all the strength training I was doing.  Don't get me wrong, there's still strength training, but instead of different muscle groups 3 days/week, he's giving me full body strength training only 2 days a week (with a minimum 2 day break between the two days).  He also has me swimming, biking and running right off the bat.  Some days they're combos of two areas (like swim 500m then bike for 30 min) and some days it's just one.  

Tomorrow I go in for an Active Metabolic Assessment at my gym.  This is pretty cool.  It "identifies the optimal heart rate zone where your workouts are most effective." Basically, they find out where my heart rate is supposed to be for me to burn the most fat as opposed to carbs.  I was told that I should be prepared to sweat.  Yay.  Can't wait.  Hope I don't throw up.  Oh wait, it's a 9 hr fast prior to the test so no worries there.  Well, I'll let you know how it goes!  

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