Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Book Review - "Triathlon for the Every Woman: You Can Be a Triathlete. Yes. You." by Meredith Atwood

It took a couple months, but I finally finished this book.  When you only read on the treadmill and at bedtime, it takes awhile.

I found this book to be very entertaining as well as informative.  I wouldn't say that it's a training guide, but definitely a guide into the world of triathlon.  Lots of basic terms are covered, but mostly it's about Meredith, the author, and her journey to be an IronMan.  And it is one hilarious, yet inspiring, journey.  I appreciate all her tips and tricks, and while I may not do EVERYTHING she suggests, I'll certainly be thinking and planning ahead.

I guess the most memorable tip I took from the book is to never, ever change anything on race day.  Train the way you race.  Don't get new clothes or especially new shoes.  Don't get a new bike or a new diet.  Not saying that you can't get new stuff, just not on race day (or the day before).

I enjoyed how real the stories in this book are.  Like the way she and her husband got into tiffs or full blown arguments during training.  Training can be stressful.  Throw in a relationship, kids and a full time job and it can be a recipe for disaster.  Meredith talks honestly about how she and her husband, a.k.a the "Expert," get through it all.  She also brings in some outside experts too.  There's a word from her coach and others she met along the way.

I like how she did not claim to have all the info, but just wanted to share and let other women know that they too can be triathletes.  Yep, even me.  And you too.

Btw, Meredith Atwood is also a blogger (imagine that) and can be found at 

As for my training today, I did 20 minutes on the bike and then 20 minutes on the treadmill.  Tomorrow is a swim day.  I'm not looking forward to it as much.  Yesterday, I had some sort of reaction with the pool water and my skin felt like I was getting stung/bit by fire ants all night last night and all day today.  Not something I want to do again.  I even rinsed off in the shower at the gym and then took a regular shower at home.  I don't know if the pool was over or under chlorinated or what, but stinging red-dotted skin is not how I like to roll.

Anybody ever have a problem like that with pool water?

I guess I could just step in the water at the shallow end and see if it burns my legs at all.  That way, if it does, it's only my lower legs and not my entire body.  But then I wouldn't get my swim workout =(

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Long workout today

I was so busy yesterday the I missed my workout time, so I wanted to be sure I got it today.  I'll probably regret it tomorrow, or at the very least feel it.  

Here's what I did:
30 minutes on the treadmill (HR in Zone 1)
30 minutes full body strength training
30 minutes swimming 

I started using a nose clip during swimming and it works so great!  My sinuses are not happy with all the water coming in and I also think it cause me to panic a bit.  I still haven't mastered breathing correctly, but I feel much better about it with no water rushing up my nose.  I have to figure the breathing thing out though.  I can swim like 6 strokes before needing air but I know that's wrong because I should be getting air every 3 strokes.  I don't know why, but I'd rather just hold my breath, roll over to my back for a good couple breaths of air and then roll back to free style.  Maybe I could just do the back stroke for the whole triathlon?

Anyway, I'm doing ok in the eating department.  Much better with water too.  Oh and I finally stepped on the scale and scored a one pound loss!!  Woot!  

Hideous drawing I did in Photoshop, but hey, I need some original stuff!

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