Saturday, June 8, 2013

Weird Saturday post...

So, I normally don't post on Saturdays, but today I just couldn't wait!

Remember the new recipe from the menu this week?  Well, I've got to tell you it was quite yummy!   And I loaded the recipe into the My Fitness Pal calorie calculator just to see what all that yumminess cost me and.... it's actually not that bad.  I was surprised after out great it tasted.

Here are the per serving details:
Calories: 364
Fat: 14
Carbs: 34
Protein: 31

Oh and remember the goal from yesterday?  To meet all three daily goals today?  Guess what?  I did it!!!! YAY!! Whew!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

That's the spirit!

Today was SO busy!  I barely got in 3000 steps at work and that from only a couple bathroom breaks.  Ugh I wish I wasn't so tied to a desk so much!  Well, I'll figure something out.  The sun is setting later, so a nice evening walk is always an option.  Plus my dogs LOVE walks!

Didn't do great on eating according to plan today.  Had a small slice of pie at work (strawberry-rubharb, never tried it before - yum!) and ate cheeseburger meal for dinner.  Funny thing is that I love cheeseburgers - or maybe I used to love 'em, because tonight it was only so-so.  Anyway, I just didn't feel like cooking and even after evaluating our options - Chinese takeout (Panda Express or PF Changs), American cuisine (Champps or a local Steak house) where the calories for just the entree with no sides were like 2000+ calories - we were overwhelmed and just opted for burgers.  That ever happened to you?  

So, I did do some training today.  Treadmilled it for 30 minutes - woot.  But as I typed this I just realized I didn't do core or stretches - uughh!  Well, hopefully I can remember to add them tomorrow.  That's not a very positive comment is it?  Uh, how about this...


Ok, sorry for "yelling" in all caps, but I need to get the point across to myself.

Nike FuelBand
In other fitness news, the New Balance watch I bought yesterday didn't work out for me - it was a little wide and where I wear it, it kind of bothered me when I moved/flexed my wrist.  So... I did more research and ended up with a Nike FuelBand.  I did my workout while wearing it and it seems fairly accurate.  I'm hoping it will help me challenge myself to new levels of fitness!  Hmmm, that sounded like a commercial - maybe Nike should hire me lol!  Well, why stop now? In keeping with that marketing spirit, here's a pic of the new gadget...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Highlight Reel Funny

Ok, not a lot of time tonight, so I'll just give you the highlight reel... 

Eating was good today - a little on the heavy side, but I skipped a snack, so hopefully all is well.  Also, I have these Skinny Cow ice cream cones that we sometimes eat when craving chocolate (they're sooooo yummy and only 150 calories each!!) and tonight I was still full from dinner - so I didn't have one.  I wanted it really really a lot, but I didn't have one.  This is HUGE!!  Believe me - it is.  I'm a serious chocoholic.  If there was a chocoholics anonymous, I'd probably have to join.

Anyway, next up is Training:  Today was supposed to be a 10,000 step day.  Well, I think I made it, but I can't prove it.  My pedometer broke.  The last time I checked it, I was a little under 4000 steps (around 2 miles) from my goal.  So I did a mile and a half on the treadmill - est 3000 steps plus the remaining steps before bed, I think I made it.  Anyway, I can't be setting step goals with out a pedometer, so I ran out to REI tonight and found a NewBalance watch that measures steps, calories and distance - plus it's a strapless heart monitor.  

Water?  Well, do we even need to go there =(

So, I leave you with a tiny bit of motivation (at least for me)...  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How strong?

Small victories - I'll take 'em everyday over major failures.  And small victories are what I had today.  Eating? Good.  Training? Good.  Water?  Not so good.

So, what is my deal with the water intake?  I think I may have it figured out - at least I'd like to think I do.  The only days I seem to make the goal is when I have two 24oz cups of ice water on Saturdays for both breakfast and lunch.  Now work with me here - what's stopping me from bringing ice water with me to work during the week - like a whole container full of ice that'll get me through the day?  Nothing - that's what!  Of course as I sit here typing this, I've already got my breakfast/lunch packed and ready to go.  And I know there is no room in my lunch box for a big ol' container of ice.  Hmmm, gonna have to think about that one.  There's gotta be a way.  Suggestions are always welcome...

Ok, on to the positive stuff!!  The training goal today was treadmill for 30 minutes w/core exercises and stretching.  First, I did the 30 minutes on the treadmill @ 2.8mph.  Check out this pic from the end of the workout... (sorry it's blurry!)  I burned "138" calories during my "1.38" mph walk - how often will the numbers ever match up like that?!?  (uh, ok maybe I'm weird for noticing - but still!!! check it out!!!)

Next I did some stretching since the muscles were already warm.  These included:  butterfly stretch, leg crossovers, hamstring stretch, quad stretch, calf stretch and some arm stretches.

Then, I did some basic core work.  Can you believe I actually held a plank for 30 seconds?!?!  It was tough, but I just told myself that I could at least make it to 10 seconds.  Then at 10 seconds I figured I could do 15.  At 15 seconds, I thought I could hold on 'til 20 and then at 20, there was just no quitting until I was at 30.  

I think I just proved an interesting point.  How many times have we heard that losing weight is 10% strength and 90% willpower.  I think all the strength in the world won't do anyone any good unless they find out how strong they really are.  In order to do that, there has to be a point where we push ourselves beyond what we think we're capable of doing.  Those small mental break-throughs can make such a huge difference!!  If you are on a journey of your own, I think we should focus on mental break-throughs and not the breakdowns.  What do you say?!?

Oh and I logged another donut resistance victory today as well.  Baby steps baby!

Finally, I'll leave you with another mini-vacay pic... this time it's not the scenery, it's the sign!!  (You may have to click on it to read though.) Too funny =p

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Menu / Training Plan / New RECIPE!!

Wow, "Week 3" huh?  Time goes by quickly doesn't it?  Well after typing that (week 3), I realized something... while I do want to remember when I started this journey, I'm not sure if I should count the weeks.  I mean, this journey is on-going and by counting the weeks, it sounds like there's an upcoming ending.  Of course there's a goal, but I've got to plan this for living it, right?  So why count weeks?  

Anyway, I think after week 4 I will stop counting.  I'm counting week 4 simply to get 4 weeks of meal planning in so I can start over.  I still may substitute new recipes or old faves every now and again, but for the next several months, these will be my "go to" plans.  

As for training, it will be evolving based on where I'm at physically each week.  My goal is to be stronger of course, but I don't want to push too hard before I'm ready.  As long as I stick to the meals I'm planning, exercise daily, and continue to drop weight then I'm doing something right.  So, here are my plans for this week:

Week 3 Meal Plan (Just got back from mini-vacay, so meals got planned and shopped for today!)

B           Cereal/2% milk / coffee
S            Handful blackberries/handful almonds / water
L            PBJ on wheat/ pretzels / water
S            Nutrigrain bar / water
D            Beef tips over noodles w/ salad

B            Yogurt/granola/banana
S            Homemade trailmix /water
L            Leftovers /water
S            Beef Jerky/ celery w/lite ranch /water
D            Chef meal

B            Cereal/2% milk / coffee
S            Triscuits w/ sharp cheddar /water
L            Leftovers / water
S            Almonds / berries /water
D            Skillet Tostadas* 

B            Biscuit & gravy /water
S            skipped due to large/high cal breakfast!
L            Leftovers / water
S            bar /water
D            Subway (Eat Fresh!)

*New Recipe - modified from my  “Anyone Can Cook” cookbook (see below)

Training Plan

Wednesday:  Treadmill 30 minutes  w/core exercises & stretching
Thursday:  Walk 10K steps
Friday:  Treadmill 30 minutes  w/core exercises & stretching
Saturday:  Walk 10K steps

 Skillet Tostadas
       8 oz ground turkey
       1/2 cup chopped onions (1 medium)
       1 15-oz can seasoned black beans
       1 can condensed nacho cheese soup
       1/3 cup salsa
       1 cup 2% cheese, shredded
       8 tostada shells
       Toppings:  Shredded lettuce, diced tomato, light sour cream, etc

1.     In a 10-inch skillet cook the ground turkey and onion until meat is brown and onion is tender. Drain any fat and stir beans, soup, and salsa into the meat mixture.  Heat through.

2.     Divide the beef-bean mixture between the tostadas and add your favorite toppings.

Serves 4

Monday, June 3, 2013

Every weekend should be like this!

Lots of fun this weekend!  We headed to Granby, Colorado to just kick back and relax.  It was beautiful!  The weather was great, the room we stayed in was very nice, the people in this area are super cool AND we even got to pamper ourselves for a day!

Dinner out at a local Mexican restaurant (Meh! It was just ok, nah, actually it wasn't very good)
Saw "Star Trek - Into Darkness" at the Foundry (It was good and yep, I had popcorn!)
Kicked back in the room just relaxing
Geocaching in Granby
Geocaching in Grand Lake
Pamper day - hair cuts/style, super facial, manicure at "The Salon" in Winter Park (Thanks Nancy!)

Pics from the weekend:
View from the room/balcony
 View from the parking lot  

Is it too weird that I took a picture of a public restroom at the Foundry?  Ok, I accept that, but CHECK IT OUT!!! The sinks have lights - pink ones!! What?!? And the stalls - completely private - no way some little boy visiting w/Mom is going to peek under the door at you doing your business.  What? I can't be the only one that's ever happened to!!

Crazy cool restroom at the Foundy - Theater/Bowling Alley
Grand Lake, CO (a fantastic geocache site!)
On the way to another geocache near Shadow Mtn Reservoir

Well, since I was on a mini-vacay and this post is already long with the pics, I'm going to wait 'til tomorrow to post menus and workouts.  I do have to tell you though... this past Saturday, I made my WATER goal again!  YAY!!!  
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