Saturday, August 2, 2014

Gotta Krawl Before I Run

So I'm starting off with a 5K.  It's called the "Turtle Krawl."  How fitting right?  Race/Krawl day is the 13th of September.

All proceeds benefit the Sea Turtle Preservation Society

My plan is to use this 5K as a milestone on the way to my first sprint triathlon.  Triathlon date is TBD - but I'm thinking January-March timeframe.  It's undecided due to the swimming portion.  I don't know if I'll start in a pool, lake or the ocean, but most likely pool or lake.  I tried swimming in the ocean the other day and it was not pretty!

Most of the training is indoors or early morning since it's so hot outside.  During the fall and winter months, I'll be heading outdoors.  There's a park very close to my house that will be perfect for biking and running.  If I can find a duathlon, I'd love to do one of those too!

Starting over really stinks.  It makes me want to just give up because what's the point if all I do is gain the weight back every year?  But I refuse to give up on my goals.  I will succeed.

Monday, July 28, 2014

MOVED to Florida!!

Sorry to be completely absent for the past few months, but once stuff started happening, it happened FAST!!

I'll recap events from the last few months as best as I can:

Mid March - rented my house with a June 1st move-in date for my new tenant

Late March (Spring Break) - got away from it all and took a vacation in Florida.  Checked out SeaWorld and then hit the beaches.  While in Florida, I also visited with some folks I spoke with daily on the phone at work, but had never met in person.  That's how I found out about the possibility of getting a new job!  

April - Applied for the job position in Florida and anxiously waited for news.  Like really anxious, like the phone didn't leave my side sort of anxious (read LOTS of overeating!).  Finally, near the end of April, I received and accepted the offer.  Gave my 2-weeks notice at work. 

May - I started packing like a crazy woman!  I bought/was given lots of boxes.  Rented a 25-ft truck from a "U-Pack We Drive" type company.  (There was no way I was driving 2000+ miles with my daughter and our 2 dogs in the cab of a moving truck!)  The trailer was dropped off on a Monday evening and picked up on a Friday morning.  There was a SNAFU on Wednesday afternoon when, during a torrential downpour, we discovered the ceiling of the truck was leaking water.  Best to find these things out early on, with the truck half-packed, instead of unpacking soggy televisions and mattresses later, right?  Anyway the company sent a guy out the next day to patch the hole and they gave me an extra day to finish packing.  That was the same day (Thursday) of my daughter's high school graduation.  Whew!  There was a lot going on!!  We packed that truck into the wee hours of the morning.  We got up early Friday morning, showered, packed a few last-minute pieces, and were finally ready to go!  Hit the road around 2pm for the 3-day, 30-hour drive to Florida.  

Long story longer, we're pretty much settled in now and are just getting into a routine.  I think I've gained every pound back in this whole 3-4 month experience unfortunately.  I'm working 12-hour shifts, so there hasn't been I haven't made a lot of time for exercise.  Basically, I come home and start getting stuff ready for the next day and then fall into bed.  I'm trying to work out some workout time while I'm at work.  But when you're a new employee, it's awkward to ask for time away if you aren't 100% trained.  So, last week, I finished all my training!!  This week… I ask about gym-during-lunch time.  Wish me luck!!

Other challenges to living here - beer and wine.  When it's sooooo hot outside, I love to enjoy an ice-cold beverage.  Not a lot, just one here and there.  But that's a lot more "here and theres" than I was doing before!!  

Nutrition of late has been quite poor.  The 12-hour shifts mean little time to cook.  So we either eat out (which basically means we "over eat"), or we do something quick at home.  My daughter has been pitching in a lot, bless her heart, but her culinary skills are limited.  I'm thinking I'll go back to the "cook for a day, eat for a month" type of menu planning.  

Lastly, I have to share the best part about living here… walking on the beach.  We've made it a tradition now to go every Saturday.  Six-weeks in a row and I absolutely love it!

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