Friday, August 30, 2013

Ran for the first time in years today!!

Birthday weekend YAY!  Not really the yay part though.  I don't want to get older, but I am happy to have an even number again as my age LOL!  I know, crazy right?

But what's age got to do with fitness some of you youngsters might ask?  Well, let me tell you.  The older you get, the harder it is to lose weight and get into shape.  NOT impossible, just more difficult.  That's NO REASON to give up though, is it?

So, while I'll probably gain 5 pounds this weekend, it won't bother me and you won't hear me complain (much) about having to lose it all over again.  I say this simply because I want to have my cake and eat it too!  I've already cut half the calories - my daughter's b-day is the day after mine, so we usually split a cake.  SEE?  Half the calories!! LOL!

I'm still working out and drinking plenty of water (well, actually today I didn't drink much H2O, but tomorrow I will!).  It's just the meal plan going on hiatus for the weekend.  Well, of course, I'll try very hard not to go too crazy, but wouldn't you know it, TOM showed up yesterday!  Seriously, how's that for timing?  Well, good news is that I can take care of b-day and chocolate cravings ALL IN ONE WEEKEND!!!

Alright, it's late, but I still want to get in a quick workout.  I'm going to jump on the treadmill and see what Week 1 Day 1 of C25K is like - gonna hit the treadmill, be right back...

Butt is officially kicked.  Yep, so here's the play by play...

Started out with a 5-minute "brisk" walk to warmup.  I did a 2.8 mph pace and about halfway into it, bumped it up to 3.2 mph.

Next up, 60 seconds of "running."  I went to 4.0 then to 4.5 which was a decent jog for me.  I was surprised to see that I made it the full minute!

Walking for 90 seconds was next, which I gladly did while checking my HRM and sipping some water.  HR was around 140 right after jogging (btw, my resting HR is around 68 and walking at 3.0 is around 120).

I did this cycle of 60/90 until around the 15 or 16 minute mark and started cutting back on the running to 30 seconds - no pain, just couldn't seem to suck in enough air.  After a couple of those cycles, I went back to jogging for a full minute...

That's when disaster struck.  Apparently, my daughter has never seen me "run."  She chose this moment to slowly approach from behind and to my left.  I saw her out of the corner of my eye and she had this look of total shock on her face.  I tried to wave her off (I had my music in my ears and was kind of getting into a groove, ya know?).  I was hoping she'd understand that I didn't want to be interrupted at that particular moment.

Yet, this is the moment where disaster chose to strike - when I was waving her away, my left hand caught on my headphone cord in front of me, as it was swinging back and forth with the running human it was attached to.  Well, the new earbuds work so well that instead of getting violently yanked from my head, the suddenly taut cord yanked my phone off it's comfy resting spot on the treadmill.  Well, of course, I can't possibly let THAT fall!!  So, I catch it, but doing so completely throws off my balance and... I almost fell.  ALMOST!  I didn't, but it was close.  What I DID do was get an massive cramp in my left calf!!  OUCH!  I tried to keep going, at least walking, and I did for a couple minutes, but then it started getting worse.  Better to call it now than cause injury, right?

Anyway, I iced my knees (although they weren't hurting) and my calf, and now I'm grabbing a quick shower and hittin' the hay!  Whew!  Rough first day.

Nite everyone!  Have a most spectacular Labor Day Weekend!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

5K in Oct and Half Marathon in 1 year

How's that for some goals?  I was checking out this local running club website and was amazed at how many events are in this area.  I could race every week if I wanted.  Well, I don't want just yet and most certainly couldn't afford.  BUT I now have a goal.  AND I have a friend or two who may join me.  How cool is that?

The 5K is on the 27th of October.  That' gives me around 2 months to train.  I'm looking forward to training for this.  I'll be doing the couch to 5K that I've mentioned before.  Even better though is that the proceeds go to the restoration and maintenance of Waldo Canyon.  The fire there last year made national news and the restoration efforts are ongoing.  Nature bounces back fairly quick, but we humans and our structures tend to take time.  Anyway, this event is called "the Waldo Waldo 5K" - if you live close to the Springs, message me and we'll do it together!  Oh and did I mention that most everyone dresses up like Waldo of "Where's Waldo" lol!!  Check this out...

The marathon is held on Labor Day weekend every year.  It's got a 5K, a half and a full marathon plus some relays as well.  It looks like a gorgeous trail - and is called The American Discovery Trail.  And I want this T-Shirt!!

Of course the date on my shirt will have a "14" but training starts NOW!

Other Fit stuff:
Did a quick upper body work out tonight and threw in some "wall push-ups" for good measure and finally, some quick stretching.

Eating was just ok, as was water intake.

Tomorrow, I'm planning on starting the first day of c25k.  I'm gonna take a pup with me each time so they can get use to the running/walking too.  I'm thinking it'll be lots of fun training with them!

Oh and I picked up one of the book from my list today.  I placed them on hold at the library - and the first one was available today.  It's "Daniel's Running Formula" and he's been called the World Greatest Running Coach by Runner's World Magazine.  Funny thing is that his name is actually Jack Daniels!  I'm thinking it's a different Jack Daniels though - besides, this one has a PhD after his name.

I'm just over halfway through "Born to Run" so it should be too long before I start the new one.

Well, I hope everyone's Friday is FANTASTIC!!

Nite All!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's late and I haven't done cardio yet...

but I'm about to jump on that right now!

As soon as I finish this post...  ok, postpone the post and go workout!!!!   More to follow...

And now back to our regularly scheduled blog:

First, I ate ok today - felt hungry most of the day, but didn't eat a lot of calories til dinner.  We went out to that Brazilian Grill again.  I just didn't feel like cooking.  I ate way less meat this time and stuck to the actual salad side of the salad bar.  Then had like 4 or 5 bites of a shared dessert with my daughter.  I was a little full, but not miserable.  The meat tonight was very salty, and for me to say that is something.  I'm going to have to drink a lot of water to overcome that!!  

So, I did something I don't normally do the other day.  I ordered something from tv.  First, I don't have cable/satellite - I typically watch Netflix - saves a ton on cable/satellite bill.  I was actually watching "digital antenna" tv.  And there's this really buff dude exercising and a bunch of people with before and after pics showing how much they lost.  Of course, those results are typical lol!  Anyway, my daughter walks into the room and I'm like "hey! would you try this if I got?" She said "oh yeah!  It actually looks like fun." SOLD!!  Anything that might possibly get her motivated is a done deal.

But the best part was when they said it was only THREE EASY PAYMENTS OF $19.99!!!  Then they threw in a FREE accountability coach (remember my post from the other day?).  And next came a bunch of extra stuff - PLUS FREE EXPEDITED SHIPPING!!!  Then.... the clencher - for me anyway, FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY GET ALL THIS FOR 

ONLY $19.95!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I decided I can throw down twenty bucks for some workout stuff - happy birthday to me =D

It's supposed to be here Friday.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Too bad they can't send him though.

Anyway, sorry for the above infomercial - I just love making fun of those.  Now look at me, I fell for one <collective sigh>.

But WAIT there's more!!!!

No there's not.  Just kidding.  See?  I couldn't stop myself.

<PAUSE HERE FOR AWKWARD PAUSE> Redundant too apparently.

Alrighty then...  I did indeed do my workout tonight.  I did the bike because I had already walked a lot today.  That 30 minutes went by pretty quick though.  I love it when that happens.

So then, I wasn't kidding about my b-day.  It's actually coming up.  This weekend.  Being a single parent with no siblings and both parents passed away, I am on my own in the gift department.  That's ok though, oddly enough, I always seem to find myself the perfect gift.  This year, I'm thinking I'd like to get another fitness gadget.  I'm still happy with my Nike Fuel Band, but I love the motivation that a new gadget brings.  I enjoy challenging the gadget and what can I say, they're fun!

But which gadget should I choose?  Input welcome... oh, but let me list off gadgets I already tried...  HR Monitor by Polar (but it's really old), of course the FuelBand, the BodyBugg, every cheap pedometer out there it would seem, and phone gadget apps (I love these because they are usually free!).

Gadget time people.  Show me what you've got!  I'm willing to throw down $50-200 on this b-day prez... That means if we're thrifty, we could get more than one!!  oooooohh I like.

Ok, take care all.  'Nite.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday"

Who worked out today?  This girl!  Who ate great today?  Oh yeah, now you're hearin' me - This girl!! Who drank over 80 ounces of water today?

Was it you?  Because, uh... it wasn't me...  I only got 60.  DOH!!

But let's talk about the stuff that went well:

My workout today!  It was very good.  Lower body resistance/weight training was the plan today.  I did 2 sets of 12 on everything and then held the last rep of each for 10 seconds - wow!  Talk about feelin' the burn.    

Warm-up:  Recumbent bike for 2 miles / 9 minutes

Leg Extensions 50
Wall squats - because my knees can't take the real thing!

Kickbacks 25

Angled calf raises
Single calf raise w 10 lb db (couldn't do the hold on either leg on this one - reach muscle fail on rep 11-12)

Exercise Ball crunches
Bench leg raises

Stretches: YAY!  I remembered!!

Got this done in less than a half hour.  Made dinner/ate.  Now I'm ready to catch up on blogs and then hit the hay!!

Short post this time - lucky you.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Accountability anyone?

I mentioned this idea in my last post, but didn't get into specifics.  It's all about accountability for me.  I've been by far more successful when I have someone to stay accountable with - not only in weight loss, but in other life things too.  But this is a fitness blog, so let's stick with that.

Here's my thought... I can't find ANYONE to do this health and fitness thing with me locally.  None of my friends are really interested or if they are, they aren't committed.  So, besides blogging, I was thinking I would love another level of accountability.  

So, how about an accountability partner through SKYPE?  or EMAIL?  or TEXT?  

The possibilities are endless!  Now, I'm probably not the first one on the planet to think of this, but it's the first I've heard =D

Is anyone out there even remotely interested?

Ok, let me explain a bit more... 

Picture this, you just got home from work and you don't really feel like working out, but you have an appointment to SKYPE with your accountability partner in a half hour and you're going to feel terrible if you cancel or have another excuse.  So you set up your <insert Skype device here> and connect with someone who is either about to workout too, or who already completed their workout and wants to motivate you in yours.  Or you just get together to talk about your workouts - either way, it's positive and encouraging and most important holding us accountable.

OR we set up an email or IM type of thing where we send messages of encouragement or motivation.  Something like "Hi <insert your name here>!!  Did you get your workout done yet?  Mine was a doozy!"  

I know I could say all of these things in a blog post, but I think it could really make a difference in our desire to not only work out, but eat healthy too.  Plus it's more personal.  And there would be someone who has your back and is going through the same crap you are.  You know, a friend.  Someone you can count on to give you that little push when you need it and be there for you when you just want to talk about how much it all sucks.  

Anyway, there it is.  If you are interested, leave a message or email me @

Now, on to the other healthy stuff...
No loss this week on the scale, but no gain either.  I wasn't expecting much considering my week, but it was another week of maintenance practice.

Today is my errand day.  It started out at the lab donating a few tubes of blood for annual tests of cholesterol, sugar, etc.  This was a fasting test, so I had to study without food - ok, so I didn't study, but I did go without food for 12 whole hours!  The horror!

After that it was off to the next errand - no, not food unfortunately.  But this particular office didn't open for another 10 minutes.  So, instead of waiting like the other two people, I did laps (walking of course) around the outside of the courtyard there.  It wasn't a huge distance, but at least I was moving.  VICTORY to the Hungry Gal!!

Next errand was the library which, guess what - didn't open for another 5 minutes!!  Ugghhhh!!  Seriously people?!?  The library doesn't have a courtyard, just a street with no sidewalks.  So, candy crush it was...  When they opened, I checked for the books on the book list I shared the other day and placed the two I found on hold.  Funny thing:  I was looking up the title "5-Minute Plantar Fasciitis Solution" and the computer asked me if I meant "5-minute Plantar Fascists Solutions" - what the heck is a "Plantar Fascist"??  Anyway, got my giggle for the day.

Finally I was home for a quick bowl of cereal and some puppy love - had to offer up the puppy love because my pup Coal has a vet appointment later in the afternoon.  Did my grocery list and tried to work off what I had in my freezer and cabinets (Thanks for the idea Biz!).  Then the actual chore of shopping.  It went well though - only spent $36.  Not too shabby.

Back home to unload groceries, grab a Lean Pocket for lunch and tidy up around the house.  Next thing I know it's time to pick up the munchkin (ok, not a munchkin per se - she's a senior and would be highly offended if she read that - good thing she doesn't care for this blog thing - besides she'll ALWAYS be my little munchkin =P) from school and make it to the vet in 15 minutes flat.  We seriously arrived at exactly our appointment time.  Whew!

Back home to finish up earlier tasks and then fix dinner.  I went off menu plan again and made us pinto beans, rice and corn bread.  I love that meal - it's like comfort food for me.  Probably not the healthiest of choices, but considering I probably only had 400 calories so far, it's good.

As for working out today, I didn't go geocaching because the weeds are still too high from all the rain.  I'm planning on biking next Monday though, just gotta map out my ride.  There are so many huge hills around here, I don't want to be surprised by any.

So, how was your weekend?  Do anything super cool?  Fill me in because mine was <yawn> a bit mundane.  Next weekend is Labor Day weekend though!!  Yay!

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