Saturday, August 2, 2014

Gotta Krawl Before I Run

So I'm starting off with a 5K.  It's called the "Turtle Krawl."  How fitting right?  Race/Krawl day is the 13th of September.

All proceeds benefit the Sea Turtle Preservation Society

My plan is to use this 5K as a milestone on the way to my first sprint triathlon.  Triathlon date is TBD - but I'm thinking January-March timeframe.  It's undecided due to the swimming portion.  I don't know if I'll start in a pool, lake or the ocean, but most likely pool or lake.  I tried swimming in the ocean the other day and it was not pretty!

Most of the training is indoors or early morning since it's so hot outside.  During the fall and winter months, I'll be heading outdoors.  There's a park very close to my house that will be perfect for biking and running.  If I can find a duathlon, I'd love to do one of those too!

Starting over really stinks.  It makes me want to just give up because what's the point if all I do is gain the weight back every year?  But I refuse to give up on my goals.  I will succeed.

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