Friday, December 13, 2013


Ever heard of 100-up?  It's a running drill that I came across while reading up on triathlon training.

Here's the scoop:

(from - Learn the 100-up)
"W.G. George, the fastest miler of the 19th century, invented what he called the "Hundred-Up" and wrote about it at length.  It's an exercise that George created to perfect his running form.  He says he invented the 100-up in 1874, when he was an 16-year-old chemist apprentice in England and could train only during his lunch hour.  By year 2 of his experiment, the overworked lab assistant was the fastest amateur miler in England.  by year 5, he held world records in everything from the 1/2 mile to 10 miles."

Check the link above for specific instructions.  But here's a picture of what it looks like.  The one on the left is what I'm doing - the "minor".  It's very simple, just one leg lifted at a time, nice and easy.  The pic on the right is the "major".  It's for once the minor drill is perfected and is like a high-knee run-in-place.

Here's an old pic demonstrating the minor and major of the drill.
I haven't yet incorporated these all the way into my training plan just yet, but I will.  I have found myself doing them in the kitchen while waiting on water to boil and at work when I need to walk but don't have much time.  Anyway, this drill is incredible.

I would say the definition of this drill is that it helps you form muscle memory for running, without actually running, so that when you do start running your form will be outstanding.  But beware, this is not as easy as it looks.  Check out the video below and website linked above for more info.  The first time I tried these, I got to like 12 before my muscles were tired.  I'm up to the 20s now - even got to 30 a few times.  The key is to attain that perfect form.

Hey look!  It's Chris MacDougall!!  Remember the "Born to Run" book review?  He's the author.  What a coincidence running into him again!

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