Sunday, January 19, 2014

Frustrated - When the Scale Doesn't Move

Alas, for yet another week, my weight remains the same.  While this is great practice for the day when I reach my goal weight, it's not so motivating right now.  Six weeks and nothing?  Uh-uh.  Nope.  Not acceptable.

Guess I've got to do some dissecting...

I know that with the effort I put in this week, I built some serious muscle and did some serious cardio.  Here's a peek at my log:

Mon:  AMA Test
Tues:  20 min bike / 20 min tmill
Wed:  30 min swim / 30 min bike
Thur:  Full body strength training
Sat:  40 min bike / 20 min tmill

I tried to keep my HR in Zone 2 (about 120bpm).  That was difficult on the bike, but if I ride at like 90 rpm, then I can usually get it up there.  Problem is that 90 is hard to maintain.  Overall, a great week of exercise.

In the food department, I controlled portions and calories quite well.  Far too many processed foods though and definitely not enough veggies.  I started back on a multi-vitamin, so hopefully that'll help a bit.  But of course, I know nothing is a substitute for the real deal.

I also tried to focus on drinking a lot more water than I usually do.  I succeeded, but there's still room for improvement.  I had at least 70 oz per day and I'd like to see 100.  I typically get maybe 50oz?  Anyway, I know this is a weak area for me but very necessary for weight loss.

This coming week, I have an additional goal:  Bed before 9pm.  Last week, I don't think I was even in bed before 10:30 or 11.  My butt was draggin' all week long.

Ummmm yeah, I think there could be a few factors here as to why the scale and I are at a stalemate.  That's ok, I plan to kick the scale's butt this next time 'round!!

So... how was your week?


  1. Eating more protein and less carbs helped me.

    1. Hi Sheryl! More protein is definitely a good idea. I like to at least eat equal amounts of each.


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