Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Gym Has Triathlon Training?

I did get in a quick bike ride today.  Only 20 minutes and I didn't even check the details.  I just wanted to get it done.  Always good to start off a new year with what you want your year to look like.  I want to be focused on the fitness side of things this year.  I think I'm at a very good point on the food side, so I devote this year to perfecting the workouts.

Of course, I will be focusing on triathlon training for the next 6 months and so far I've been using for their awesome workout plans.  But I just found out I had some leftover gym  points that were about to expire, so in checking out what they had for me I discovered they have triathlon training.  I'm like WHAT?!?  So I signed up and received an email yesterday about not only the training, but also a local tri-group.  Very cool.  I'm looking forward to seeing where I can beef up my workouts a bit and meet some like-minded people.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!  2014, let's do this!!

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