Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Oh great, this again?

Thought anymore about joining a DietBet with me?  Yes, I'm gonna keep this up for a couple more days!  Here are those links - check them out!!  More people mean more cold hard cash!

"Get Pumped and Lose Big with Bruce" $30 Bet / 28 Days to Go / Open to Everyone!  (It's not too late to join!) The pot is currently $54,330 and growing by the minute.

"Lose Weight, Win Money with FITNESS Magazine!" $30 Bet / Sep 09-Oct 06 / Open to everyone!
Pot is currently $28,230 and doesn't start til next week!!

Have you seen "Extreme Makeover - Weightloss Edition"?  I love that show!  Basically, Chris Powell coaches/trains super overweight people to lose weight.  Each episode comprises one year in the life of his client.  You see where they start and end in one episode.  Unlike BL, you don't have to keep watching the entire season to see what happens.  Here's Bruce's episode  <<<<< that link will only work as long as ABC keeps it posted, so check it out quick!  But if you subscribe to Hulu, it's there too.    His story is Season 4 Episode 4.  He is by far one of the most positive individuals I've seen on the show.  It shows in the comments he makes on DietBet too.  This is gonna be fun, so check it out!

Here's what's up today...

Had a slight incline going on and burned more calories than usual
Walk 30 minutes  (1.5 miles)
Full Body Resistance Tube workout
Squat Challenge Day 9

Kashi Go Lean Crunch w/ Almond milk

Subway 6" Italian BMT on Italian Herbs & Cheddar w/lite mayo & sriracha

Chicken & Black Bean Burrito Bowl

Skipped 'em all :(

Happy Humpday everyone!!

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