Monday, June 3, 2013

Every weekend should be like this!

Lots of fun this weekend!  We headed to Granby, Colorado to just kick back and relax.  It was beautiful!  The weather was great, the room we stayed in was very nice, the people in this area are super cool AND we even got to pamper ourselves for a day!

Dinner out at a local Mexican restaurant (Meh! It was just ok, nah, actually it wasn't very good)
Saw "Star Trek - Into Darkness" at the Foundry (It was good and yep, I had popcorn!)
Kicked back in the room just relaxing
Geocaching in Granby
Geocaching in Grand Lake
Pamper day - hair cuts/style, super facial, manicure at "The Salon" in Winter Park (Thanks Nancy!)

Pics from the weekend:
View from the room/balcony
 View from the parking lot  

Is it too weird that I took a picture of a public restroom at the Foundry?  Ok, I accept that, but CHECK IT OUT!!! The sinks have lights - pink ones!! What?!? And the stalls - completely private - no way some little boy visiting w/Mom is going to peek under the door at you doing your business.  What? I can't be the only one that's ever happened to!!

Crazy cool restroom at the Foundy - Theater/Bowling Alley
Grand Lake, CO (a fantastic geocache site!)
On the way to another geocache near Shadow Mtn Reservoir

Well, since I was on a mini-vacay and this post is already long with the pics, I'm going to wait 'til tomorrow to post menus and workouts.  I do have to tell you though... this past Saturday, I made my WATER goal again!  YAY!!!  

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