Thursday, June 6, 2013

Highlight Reel Funny

Ok, not a lot of time tonight, so I'll just give you the highlight reel... 

Eating was good today - a little on the heavy side, but I skipped a snack, so hopefully all is well.  Also, I have these Skinny Cow ice cream cones that we sometimes eat when craving chocolate (they're sooooo yummy and only 150 calories each!!) and tonight I was still full from dinner - so I didn't have one.  I wanted it really really a lot, but I didn't have one.  This is HUGE!!  Believe me - it is.  I'm a serious chocoholic.  If there was a chocoholics anonymous, I'd probably have to join.

Anyway, next up is Training:  Today was supposed to be a 10,000 step day.  Well, I think I made it, but I can't prove it.  My pedometer broke.  The last time I checked it, I was a little under 4000 steps (around 2 miles) from my goal.  So I did a mile and a half on the treadmill - est 3000 steps plus the remaining steps before bed, I think I made it.  Anyway, I can't be setting step goals with out a pedometer, so I ran out to REI tonight and found a NewBalance watch that measures steps, calories and distance - plus it's a strapless heart monitor.  

Water?  Well, do we even need to go there =(

So, I leave you with a tiny bit of motivation (at least for me)...  

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