Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How strong?

Small victories - I'll take 'em everyday over major failures.  And small victories are what I had today.  Eating? Good.  Training? Good.  Water?  Not so good.

So, what is my deal with the water intake?  I think I may have it figured out - at least I'd like to think I do.  The only days I seem to make the goal is when I have two 24oz cups of ice water on Saturdays for both breakfast and lunch.  Now work with me here - what's stopping me from bringing ice water with me to work during the week - like a whole container full of ice that'll get me through the day?  Nothing - that's what!  Of course as I sit here typing this, I've already got my breakfast/lunch packed and ready to go.  And I know there is no room in my lunch box for a big ol' container of ice.  Hmmm, gonna have to think about that one.  There's gotta be a way.  Suggestions are always welcome...

Ok, on to the positive stuff!!  The training goal today was treadmill for 30 minutes w/core exercises and stretching.  First, I did the 30 minutes on the treadmill @ 2.8mph.  Check out this pic from the end of the workout... (sorry it's blurry!)  I burned "138" calories during my "1.38" mph walk - how often will the numbers ever match up like that?!?  (uh, ok maybe I'm weird for noticing - but still!!! check it out!!!)

Next I did some stretching since the muscles were already warm.  These included:  butterfly stretch, leg crossovers, hamstring stretch, quad stretch, calf stretch and some arm stretches.

Then, I did some basic core work.  Can you believe I actually held a plank for 30 seconds?!?!  It was tough, but I just told myself that I could at least make it to 10 seconds.  Then at 10 seconds I figured I could do 15.  At 15 seconds, I thought I could hold on 'til 20 and then at 20, there was just no quitting until I was at 30.  

I think I just proved an interesting point.  How many times have we heard that losing weight is 10% strength and 90% willpower.  I think all the strength in the world won't do anyone any good unless they find out how strong they really are.  In order to do that, there has to be a point where we push ourselves beyond what we think we're capable of doing.  Those small mental break-throughs can make such a huge difference!!  If you are on a journey of your own, I think we should focus on mental break-throughs and not the breakdowns.  What do you say?!?

Oh and I logged another donut resistance victory today as well.  Baby steps baby!

Finally, I'll leave you with another mini-vacay pic... this time it's not the scenery, it's the sign!!  (You may have to click on it to read though.) Too funny =p

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