Monday, July 1, 2013

A loss and the LR Gym

Saturday weigh-in... down 1.3 pounds.  It would have been nice to see more for the effort from last week, but a loss is a loss and the scale is headed in the right direction.  Here's my progress chart:

I know I should be happy with the loss and I am - just not overjoyed, ya know?  I want this whole thing to go faster, healthy fast, not too fast, just faster.  In my past experience, the only way to make it go faster is to increase muscle through some type of resistance training - more muscle=bigger calorie burn.  So, while I'm not under 200 yet (my original muscle training milestone), I think I should begin to incorporate it into my routines.

Resistance training is fun to me.  It makes me feel strong.  I absolutely love it!  That's not even positive self-talk there, I really do!  I guess it's because I can feel the muscles working whereas when I do cardio-based exercise, I just feel like I'm gonna die.  With cardio (at least at this weight), when I push myself, everything hurts.  There's flab bouncing around, my feet, ankles and knees feel like they are made of broken glass and within seconds of elevating my heart rate, I'm breathing so hard it really does feel like death is imminent!!  So hopefully, with the addition of muscle over the next few weeks, I can eliminate or at least reduce some of that awfulness of cardio.

On to the plan!!  Have I mentioned that I turned my living room into a gym?  Well, I did.  Here is a list of my gym equipment:

Bowflex Sport
additional weight bench
Bowflex adjustable dumbells (adjustable from 2.5 to 20 lbs each)
Neoprene light weight dumbbell set (2, 3 & 5 lb pairs)
exercise ball
punching bag

And here's a picture of my LR:

It's weird, I know.  But if I am constantly surrounded by motivation to workout, I will.  I've gathered all this stuff over the years - not all at once.  My only new purchase is the treadmill about six weeks ago.

I have posted a new training plan on the "Current Training" so, feel free to check it out...  

Today was hiking/geocache day.  My friend/new cache buddy Donna and I walked 3.58 miles and found 6 caches in just under 2 hours.  Oh and there was an elevation gain of 1066.3 ft - I knew I was breathing heavy for a reason!! The weather was great with the temp around 65F,  though we got a light rain shower at the end.  Still LOTS of fun!!  If you haven't tried geocaching and want to have a "purpose" to your walks, I totally recommend it.

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