Friday, July 5, 2013

First Day of the New Workout!

Since I took yesterday (Thursday) off from, uh well, basically the planet, I did Thursday's workout today.  I found that more weight is needed in a few areas because I couldn't get to muscle failure - not even close.  I probably should've just added weight right then, but it was getting late and so I didn't.  Next week will be much better now that I have been through it already.

Lots of soreness/stiffness tonight - probably won't be any better tomorrow.  I'll really need to walk a lot during the day so the pain doesn't set in.  Have to let you know how that works out...

Tomorrow is weigh-in day.  Ugghh!  I made the mistake of weighing in mid-week just to see where I was and I had gained - a lot (ok, not a lot, but enough to concern me).  It doesn't make sense either, so hopefully it was a fluke.  We'll see about that one too.  I keep telling myself it was the clothes I was wearing or that I'm gaining muscle and muscle is heavier than fat.  But it just seems to mean so stinkin' much to me for that stupid scale to go down!!

I just have to keep picturing that new healthy me in that new healthy lifestyle.  Eye on the prize, right?

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