Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Training Change-up

I wrote about it last week, and this week it's happening.  Today was the first day of my new upper-body-only training session.  Thursday will be lower body and on Saturday I will repeat this workout.  I kept the weights lighter in some areas and heavier in others, but here's what the basic plan looks like:

(2 sets of 10-12 reps for each exercise)

3-5 minutes on the punching bag (OR any sustained arm motion - "air jabs," "windmills," etc. if I'm not at home)

Bench Press - 50
Chest Flys - 50

Shoulder Press - 50
Side Raises - 2

Lawnmower pull - 10
Lat Pulldown - 50

Triceps Pushdown - 50
Triceps Extensions - 10

Bicep Curl - 10
Hammer Curl - 10

Stretch each muscle group - hold for at least 10 seconds

Note:  Those 50's are not in pounds - it's the total from the resistance rods on my BowFlex.  I don't know what it translates to, but it's definitely NOT 50 pounds.  The 10's are in pounds though - 10 pound dumbbells.

What's really cool about these exercises is they can all be done using dumbbells (with the exception of Lat Pulldowns & Tricep Pushdowns).  This means I can do these pretty much anywhere using something as simple as soup cans for weights or dumbbells - if available.

Resistance Training is totally my favorite thing to do.  I really feel like I'm working my muscles and getting stronger.  Whereas during aerobic exercise I feel like I'm gonna pass out from pain or lung failure or both.  Aerobic exercise is truly my nemesis - and I'm not even doing that much!  I'm only walking 3.0mph and yet my knee is still giving me problems.

Well, I guess I'll give the ol' Ibuprofen and ice a chance and if that doesn't work, I'll make a doc appt.  What do ya figure?  A couple weeks?  Ok, if my knee isn't 100% by the 19th of August, I'll make an appointment.  According to my daughter, my knee is ALL that I complain about these days.  If she's tired of hearing about it then you must be too!

What's your "nemesis" exercise?  What's your fave?

Ok, I'm off to bed - I'm calling it an early night tonight!

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