Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Triathlon Training While on Vacation?

Who exercises while on vacay?  Me!  I was actually looking forward to my workouts - weird, huh?

Fortunately, the place where we stayed had a small fitness center...

Treadmill, Elliptical, Stationary & Recumbent Bikes and a "Universal Gym"

I followed (as best I could with the equipment I had) the beginner triathlete program for Week 4.

I didn't have web access right away on the first day, so I guessed at the time for the bike and was a little off.

Month 1 Week 4 Day 1:
Bike:  35-40 minutes (I did 30 minutes including a 5-minute cool down)
Lift:  Back, Biceps, & Legs
Stretch: 10-15 minutes

9 miles / 273.5 calories / avg rpm 80
Month 1 Week 4 Day 2:
Bike:  50 minutes w/ 5-minute cool down
Lift: Chest, Triceps, & Abs
Stretch: 10-15 minutes

15 miles / 500.1 calories

Month 1 Week 4 Day 3:
Bike:  55 minutes w/ 5-minute cool down
Lift: Chest, Triceps, & Abs
Stretch: 15-20 minutes

18.51 miles / 542.9 calories
And here I am trying to bike and take a pic and the same time!  Hence the blur =D

I haven't compiled all the Strength Training info yet, but I'll post it later because I do like to keep track of it and posting here is an easy way to do that.

As for this week's workouts, I did the bike stuff on Monday but missed the Lift, and I did the Lift today, but missed the bike.  However, I did make it to swim class tonight.  I'm feeling much more confident in the water, now I just have to work on keeping my front arm up when I roll to breathe.  I'm getting there though!

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