Monday, December 2, 2013

Trip to Mexico!

Yes, I ran off to Mexico last week and got back late Saturday night.  I've gotta say, THAT'S the way to spend a holiday!  It was snowing and freezing and crazy windy when we left Colorado Springs last Sunday morning, but by Sunday evening we were on the beach.  Here's a video...

In my previous post, I said my goals were to drink lots of water, exercise lots, and not to eat lots.  Well, I think I succeeded in everything except the water.  I didn't buy bottled water in the US because I was told the resort provided it.  Well, it was in a gallon jug, not bottles, so I was constantly forgetting to take water with me to workout.  And yes, I did workout!!  Details on that tomorrow.

And the good news is... I stepped on the scale Sunday morning and I gained ZERO!!!!!!!  Yes!!

So, how was your Thanksgiving?

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