Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Need... More... Water...

Those are the words my body would say to me if it could talk.  Yes indeed - more water is definitely necessary.  So far (uh, yesterday and today, whew!) I've only managed around 50 of the recommended 80 ounces.  However, TMI ALERT, I read somewhere that going for one clear pee a day is good too.  I got that at 10am, so it's all downhill from there right?

Food-wise, I did pretty well.  Yesterday, I stuck to the plan really well.  Today, I deviated slightly.  Had popcorn and a Monster energy drink that weren't on the plan.  Didn't finish the entire monster - about half - and only had a couple bites of trail mix to stave off the afternoon hunger.  Then, had a late-ish afternoon appointment that I hadn't thought about when menu-planning.  These types of things are usually what get me off track.  It's so easy to throw aside the plans to cook dinner when you arrive home 2 hours later than normal (it's easy to throw workout plans aside too for that matter!).  But VICTORY!!  Today, I called home and asked my teen to start/cook dinner.  YES!!  We had spaghetti (Thursday night's meal) instead of chicken, but that's ok, we'll work that out tomorrow night.

On the training front, all is well.  Yesterday, I stepped over 8,000 steps--8,229 to be exact.  Today, while I haven't gone to bed yet, I walked for 20 minutes on the treadmill after dinner AND current steps are at 11,902!!  WOW!! Blew the 8,000 goal right outta the water.  Today was busy for me at work though - Wednesdays always are - but almost 12,000?  Suh-WEEET!

Finally, you know that afternoon appointment today?  Well, that was a doctor appointment.  We were talking about some test results - guess I'm a little on the low side w/ vitamin D.  Not a lot low, just a little according to him.  Apparently it's common at this altitude.  Hmmmph, who knew?  I'll have to look that one up.  Anyway, we got to talking about weight loss and I'm saying, no wait, complaining how I've gained like 5 lbs a year for the last 4 years.  Is it this or maybe that, I ask.  He just kinda looks at me and I'm like, or maybe it's just too many cheeseburgers?  That got a wee chuckle.  Then he says, "you know... as we get older, our metabolism slows down quite a bit.  In fact, in our late 30s to early 40s, it's incredibly difficult to lose the pounds because it seems like our metabolism comes to a screeching halt."  Now, I put that in quotes, but it's not verbatim.  Regardless, what I heard is "you realize you're old right? And you've picked THE WORST time in your life to lose weight."  Yep, old and fat, that's what I heard.  But look, while it would be so stinkin' easy to use that as an excuse to give up, I have decided I will NOT quit!!!

Difficult is the journey ahead, but impossible, it is not.  (Wait, did I just sound like Yoda right there?)

Definitely time for bed.

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