Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Donuts... bad

Met all goals today - woot!  I did A LOT of walking today at work and didn't have to do so much at home.  I'm very tired though and yet, can never seem to get to bed on time.  It's like I get this 2nd wind around 9pm - weird, huh?

I'd also like to announce that for the 5th week straight I've succeeded in resisting the temptation of donut Wednesday (donuts at work EVERY Wednesday - uggggh).  Another victory YEAH!!

I did some calculating today and so far I've averaged 1.9 pounds lost per week.  Not bad for mostly walking for exercise.  So, I've decided to set a short term goal of reaching 199 pounds by my birthday at the end of August.  It's very difficult to think that I was 10 pounds less than that last year at this time, but it is what it is.  I just need to be sure not to let that happen EVER again - as in NEVER!!

Let me just close with some research I did today on donuts... (I have to keep telling myself how unhealthy they are so that I don't cave!)

They are #2 on the list of foods we should NOT eat (French Fries made the #1 spot) as reported by  I have no idea how reliable a source they are, but the list makes sense and I think I've heard it before but repetition is good:

1) They're FRIED - everyone knows Fried Food = Bad For You
2) They're full of SUGAR - causes weight gain, risk of diabetes, etc.
3) They're made of WHITE flour - least nutritious part of the grain
4) They contain TRANS FAT - raises your chances of heart attack
5) They contain a lot of CALORIES - at least 200 calories/donut (there are better calories to be had!)
6) You usually CAN'T STOP at just one - they taste good, so it's easy to go back for more.  Donuts are not breakfast food - it sends blood sugar up which soon after crashes and leaves us hungry for even more.

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