Monday, June 17, 2013

Now You See Me /Weigh in

Weigh-in results first........... lost half a pound (ok, actually it was .6 of a pound).  Yay?  Well, of course YAY!! It's a half pound in the right direction and with the crazy week I had last week, I am pleased.  PLUS TOM did show up and I figure that had something to do with the small loss as well.

This weekend was fun.  I did manage to stuff my face with popcorn (my weakness) at the movie theater - we saw "Now You See Me".  We thought about seeing "After Earth" but with all the bad reviews, I'll wait.  Also thought about "Man of Steel" but with it being Father's Day weekend, we figured the dads would go for that one.  I still want to see it though.  Anyway, "Now You See Me" was fantastic!!

Today, I fixed my daughter's bike - broken pedal - and aired up the tires on mine.  Then, this afternoon, we headed off (in the sprinkling rain) on a geocache search.  About a mile into our adventure, the rain started coming down much harder.  If only we had worn our  jackets, everything would've been fine to keep going, but we didn't even think to bring them.  We got cold, fast.  So, I lead us to a small park where we stood under a pavilion waiting for the rain to lighten up a bit.  We didn't have to wait long - maybe 5 minutes.  While we were waiting, I decided to check on how close we were to a cache site and I kept getting errors on the app - BOOOooo!  So, we changed our outing to a bike ride only instead of geocaching =D 

On this ride, we only did 2.26 miles and it took about a half hour including the rain delay.  I did have to get off and walk the bike up a fairly steep hill - that took about 10 minutes.  I used the free "Map My Ride" app and it reported 2.26 miles in 22 minutes for an average of 6 mph.  That includes the walking though.  I'm sure we were much faster peddling!  I'm going to look around for a relatively flat area to ride next time AND I'm going to figure out these gears!!!  Anyone else ever have a hard time learning gears?  What gear do you start in?  Which is for going uphill and which is for downhill?  I know I can keep playing with them to figure it out, but it's difficult to see the rear axle to tell on that one, not to mention kinda dangerous if you aren't watching where you're going!!  

I will post what I find in case anyone else is or has ever wondered about shifting gears on a bike.

Hope everyone has a great week!!  Talk to ya tomorrow...

Oh and in case you didn't notice, I added a couple new areas to the site.  Meal Plans and Easy Recipes links are now directly under the main picture.  I'll be adding to those as I have time, but this week's meal plan is posted - head's up, it's pretty much a duplicate of Week 1.  

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