Thursday, June 20, 2013

Whole Wheat What?!?

Can you believe that I had to overcome a second day in a row of donut temptation?!?  oh yeah!  I went to a meeting this morning and what do they set out?  You guessed it - donuts!  Seriously?!?  Why can't I get away from these things?!?

Well, today was ok - I ate well, drank lots of water, walked a bit but not quite enough.  It's just after 11 and I don't know if I'll get those 2500 fuel points - I'm at 2297 now.  Idk, maybe I'll walk around my room a bit to burn a few extra calories.

So, the topic of the day is whole wheat pasta.  There was a time when I couldn't stand the mere thought of eating whole wheat anything.  I don't know, it just tasted... different.  Well, I've changed my mind.  I'm now ok with it.  In fact, I probably won't go back to the other stuff - I don't even know what to call it - white? enriched? regular?

After a small bit of research, I found that many folks don't like "wheat" products because they can be bitter.  In the past, whole grain or whole wheat foods were made from the bran of hard red wheat - which could cause the bitterness to transfer to the food.  Today, many food companies have switched to soft white wheat, which doesn't have the bitter taste, but still has that whole grain goodness that we've been hearing about for so many years.

I even switched to a whole wheat bread - though it doesn't taste like the wheat bread I tried 10 years ago!  I love Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Whole Wheat Bread because it's so soft like white bread and tastes great!!

Anyway, I guess my taste buds have finally come around because I've been trying whole wheat penne pasta, whole wheat lasagna noodles and tonight, whole wheat spaghetti!!  I'm so proud =D

How about you?  Have you struggled with switching to whole wheat foods?  Did you force yourself to eat it or did you already like the taste/texture?

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