Thursday, June 27, 2013

On a Mission!!

I discovered last night an area on the Nike web page that interested me.  "Missions."  <Cue Mission Impossible theme...>  I clicked on it and ended up in this video game-like arena.  I clicked "play" and suddenly I'm in this raging snow/wind storm (well, this character who is supposedly me) when this well-built cute guy rescues me and hooks me up with this really cool shirt.  And like him, I'm on fire - like literally, but it's that Hunger Games no pain fire right?  Anyway, next there's  another "play" button that asks me if I want to start my first mission.  Uhhh, no - it's almost bedtime.  So I saved it 'til today.

The Mission:  Get 200 fuel points in 30 minutes or less.  Hmmm, a challenge.  But wait - how much of a challenge?  I did a quick search online - there's no way to tell for sure because it's based on the individual, but it shouldn't be a big deal to get 200 points easily.  There was an article written prior to the FuelBand's release where Nike gave a demo to a bunch of folks.  At the beginning of the demo, they did a bit of jump rope and then moved on the banging on buckets with drumsticks.  Hey!  I've got drumsticks!!  They're souvenirs from the Blue Man Group and light up blue when they're hit hard enough, but they'll work.  I just used my bed as the "drum" and played along to a couple fast-paced songs.  After two songs, my arms felt like they were about to fall off, but I checked and I'd already passed 200 points.  YES!!  On to the next!  (oh btw, I'm not a drummer, I just like to play around - wish I was though!! =D)

The 2nd Mission:  Get 350 fuel points in 30 minutes or less.  Since my arms were out of commission, I decided to grab a basketball and just dribble the ball on my patio.  I did that for a couple minutes, but then I kept wanting to shoot the ball.  However, I don't have a hoop in my yard, sooooooo I felt a little dumb.  Then I decided to just walk around my backyard and pick up the doggie poo - might as well be productive, right?  I don't think the band registers my motions as much with that particular activity though, so I went back inside and grabbed the b-ball again.  Yep, felt stupid dribbling the ball, but hey I was moving.  I checked my progress at 25 minutes and I had earned another 379 points.  Not bad.

It was time for dinner by the time I was finished with those two missions.  I look forward to what's next.  Oh and I can increase the "skill" level if I want.  Mine is set to "easy" right now and I am perfectly ok with that!  AND I met the 2500 point goal during Mission 2 - yay a twofer!!

Eating and water intake were both good today too.  I'd still like to get rid of the majority of processed foods in my diet.  But, baby steps right?  Do what I can do right now, but keep working at it.  This is my life - I've got to meet me where I am.

Well, I've already covered my activity for today, but I also want to throw in the Wednesday fuel point results:

Mon: 3626
Tues: 2605
Wed:  3226
Thur:  currently 3230 w/ bedtime shortly...

That's 4 days in a row that I've met my goal of 2500 points or more - woot!!

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