Monday, June 24, 2013

Fitting in $avings w/ NO GAIN!!

Well, no surprise this week - no loss =(  Boooooooo...

BUT the good news is that I didn't gain either - YAY!!  I went pretty much inactive since Thursday night all the way until today, so maintaining the same weight this week is OUTSTANDING!!!!   I was trying so hard not to sweat LOL!!

Today was lots of fun though.  Started off at Starbucks with a Turkey Bacon & cheese English muffin and free cup of coffee (from saving the bag that the ground coffee comes in) and then went geocaching with my friend Donna (thanks Donna!!).  I think we walked around 1-1.5 miles - I forgot to turn on "Map My Walk" app so I don't know for sure. When we were finished I had around 2500 steps, so I'm guessing it was closer to a mile.  We found 4 caches out of 5 - LOTS of FUN!!

Next I came home and cleaned up my garage a bit.  Then went on a quick bike ride (just around the block) to see if I could apply the gear theory I talked about in this post.  I definitely need practice, but the theory is sound.  I'm having the hardest time remembering which shifter (thumb or index) I push/pull to switch the rear gears.  So until I get all that down, I'm putting the chain in the middle sprocket so I don't stretch it by going the wrong way.  For now I'll just work on learning the front.

Here's a pic of the kind of shifter i have now - I kinda miss my old Trek with the grip shifters (they had numbers).  But this bike is nice too.  The problem I had with grip shifters was I would inadvertently change gears when repositioning my hands.  No problems with these shifters, but I gotta remember (find out?) what the red indicators reference exactly... (123? 321? idk)

After the garage and short bike ride, I did some more chores and then headed off for grocery shopping. I had checked the menu and made my list last night, so I was all ready.  Even clipped a few coupons.  Oh, that reminds me - during my "inactivity" of last week, I made up a "coupon mat" so sorting coupons is easier/faster.  And I picked up a coupon organizer for less than $1 so, no more envelopes and binders for me!! I now have all the coupons with me in a sweet color-coded little accordion file.  Oh, I haven't mentioned what a geek I am?  Sorry =D....  But here's a pic of my masterpiece (idea from Couponizer)>>>

No worries though, I'm not an EXTREME Couponer.  I just clip what I know I will use from the Sunday paper and check out sales at the store where I shop.  Today, I saved $22 and the total bill was $73 - not too bad.  If I can stock up on a bargain, then I do.  AND I'm a firm believer that you can NEVER ever have too much toilet paper!!  That's why I had to clean up the garage today - to make room for the TP - jk!!

When I first started clipping coupons, I found it difficult to shop for healthy foods.  It seemed like most of the coupons were for junk food - NOT good for someone who is also trying to lose weight, right?  So, I resigned myself to only clipping coupons for paper products, cleaning supplies, and foods that I know are healthy and that I will absolutely use.  It's been working great so far!

Do you clip coupons?  Have you noticed how there seems to be an abundance of junk food coupons?  What's the deal??

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