Thursday, July 25, 2013

Callin' in a Sub

Remember yesterday when I was talking about "busy" days and how to fit in exercise on such days?  Well, guess what I had today?  Yep, you guessed it - a busy day.  Wow, you're pretty smart.

I left work later than usual, had to stop for gas, had to stop for a grocery item I forgot, and my sunglasses broke so I had to find another pair (or suffer severe headache consequences).  By the time I got home, I went straight into cooking dinner and didn't even realize I hadn't worked out until halfway through dinner.

I really really thought hard about just skipping it all together, but this competition thing has me motivated to do at least something.  According to DietBet, I'm at 47% of my goal - I can't stop now!!  Skipping a workout would be counterproductive.  So, instead of skipping, I just got on the treadmill and walked for 30 min.  I didn't incline, I didn't bump up the speed, but at least I was moving for a few minutes.  I did get my FuelPoints goal, so there's that AND I will do the resistance training tomorrow.

So, there's another idea to add to the brainstorm list:  Call in a Sub

No, not that kind of sub
Definitely NOT that one!!

Oh yes please, can we call this one????
Oops - sidetracked... Moving on
5) if I don't have time to do the "regularly" scheduled plan,  substitute SOMETHING to get it done.

Besides the comp, why is it so important to not skip a workout at this point?  Well, I mentioned before that I don't want to start down that road, because it could possibly lead to more skipping.  Then something will click in my brain that says it's ok to skip exercise.  Right now, it is not ok.  I don't think I'm exercising enough or at a high enough intensity to afford myself the luxury of skipping workouts - even just one.  But, later on, after I've had months of this routine under my belt, then sure.  Or even better, once I've met my goal.  Since I won't be trying to lose weight any longer, I shouldn't need to workout so purposefully.  Hopefully, I will be leading such an active life with hiking and climbing and camping and biking and dare I say... running?  Hopefully, I'll be doing all those things and won't need to be so intentional about getting into shape, because I'll already be in shape.

Does that make any sense at all?  I'm probably tired and missing some huge pitfall in my thinking...  You're pretty smart, let me know if you see it ok?

Goodnight all!

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