Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Do You Pronate?

Used the headphones today during my workout and they were great!  It was truly serendipity that I found those things!  We were actually out shopping for new running shoes for my son.  I took him to a shoe store that analyzes your running and then recommends highly overpriced the right type of shoe for your type of gait.  It would seem my son inherited my overpronation.  He got to try on several pairs of shoes then run out the door and jog around in the back parking lot to see how they felt.  Oddly enough, he chose the exact same brand and style as me - Brooks Addiction.  I've got customized orthotic inserts for mine due to plantar fasciitis, but isn't that weird that he chose the same ones?  He didn't even know until afterwards.  Haha dude, you got shoes like your mom!!!  I only pick on him a little - he's 22, he can take it though - plus he got new shoes, right?  Check these out...

That huge sole is what makes these so awesome - lots of
support and cushion when you move!
Have you ever checked out your walking or running gait?  It can really mean a world of difference if you suffer from foot or knee pain or even shin splints.  Here's a pic of pronation...

If you check the wear-pattern on a well worn pair of old shoes, you might be able to see it there as well if you've never done the treadmill test.  (Btw, the test is typically free!)

After my son picked out his shoes, I asked the sales dude if it would be ok for him to jump on the treadmill and record his run again with the shoe helping to correct.  Wow!  You wouldn't believe the difference - you could actually see it.  Everything lined up just like it was supposed to - how cool?!?  So, yes good running/walking shoes can be expensive, but it just might be worth it.

Change of subject... I finally trimmed my puppies' nails yesterday.  I don't think I've mentioned it before, but they were starting to sound like high heels on the hardwood!  Well, maybe not that bad, but they definitely needed to be trimmed.  I told them they'd get a nice long walk afterwards - I even got their harnesses on them.  I like to use the sidewalks to file their little claws down after I clip them - much better than using ME as the nail file/launching pad!  Well, call me a rotten dog owner, but I lied to them.  We didn't go on our walk.  I looked at the time and was like HOLY NO-DINNER-ON-THE-TABLE Batman!!!

I ran around like crazy and got dinner served.  Forgot the corn-on-the-cob, but everything else was nice.  I'm on Week 2 of the meal plan, so it was Hawaiian Burger night.  I love me some fresh pineapple!!

Anyway, after dinner, it was too dark out to go walking, so I promised them we'd go today... and we did!!  Yay!  It was a little over a mile, but where we went was fun.  At least for me - we walked to our new vet office - only a half mile away.  The doc is soooo nice!  They welcome/love social visits, so that's where we went.  My black pup, Coal (a.k.a. BubbaFace) has been there twice - once for diagnosis of an ear infection and once more for a follow-up to be sure it was clear up.  It was my white pup's (Gabbie, aka the Gabster, aka the Gabinator) first time.  She can be seen on the floor behind me in one of my scale pics.  Anyway, fun was had by all - there were treats and lots of lovin'!!  My vet's so cool =D

Oh and I used my new headphones on my walk as well.  One problem is the cord is too short to go behind me and around/down to my phone in my right front pants pocket.  The left bud kept tugging at my ear because the cord was taut.  Next time, I'll have to find my arm band or just deal with the cords bouncing all over the place in front of me.

Now, on to the fitness/food part of the blog!  Eating was good today - I ate according to plan minus one of the snacks (just wasn't hungry for it).  I'll work on dinner as soon as I'm done typing this post.  I did my upper body resistance training today with a warmup on the punching bag (it's so fun to beat up the bad guys on that thing!).  Did quick stretches afterwards, then it was off with the dogs on our walk.  Like I said, it was a little over a mile.  I paused the workout timer (Map My Walk app) while we were hanging at the vet office, so the actual walking time was around 20 minutes.  Not bad considering the temp was in the mid 80s and I didn't take water and it was uphill - lol!  But all three of us hydrated as soon as we got home!

Well, I hope you had a wonderfully productive Tuesday!  We'll talk again tomorrow, k?

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