Friday, August 23, 2013

Last day of visit / Running book list

Today is my son's last day hangin' with us.  He catches a plane in the morning.  I thought about working late today to make up for the time off I'm taking tomorrow dropping him at the airport.  But then I figured I'll just work late tomorrow - after he left - means more time with him now.  All that to say I didn't work out today.  Ate ok though.  But not enough water - again.

I wonder if this will ever get easier.  I hope so.  I've been at it for over 3 months - you'd think it wouldn't be so easy to slip up, but it is.  It truly is.  I know this.  This ain't my first rodeo <she says with a strong southern accent>!!  How many times do we have to learn a lesson before we ACK!!!  What am I saying?  It's not like I didn't CHOOSE to skip my workout.  I did.  I chose that.  I accept the consequences as well.  Moving on...

I've been looking into running books lately.  It started out by accident.  There was this conversation at work that lead me to check out a book electronically from the library (btw, how cool is that?!?).  The book is "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall.  It's about the Tarahumara Indians of the Copper Canyons of Mexico.  It's on the best seller list, so you may have heard of it, but I hadn't.  I'm not much of a non-fiction reader, but this is a very well written book.  I'll give it a solid review later, but for now I'll just say that it's about this guy (McDougall) who looks for and finds this tribe of the world's greatest distance runners.  They can run hundreds of miles without rest - amazing.

While I'm still reading "Born to Run" I'm also looking for other good books on running that will inspire me to get out there.  I'm thinking of these:


"The Courage to Start"

"Running & Walking for Women Over 40"

"5-Minute Plantar Fasciitis Solution"

"Daniels Running Formula"

"Paula Radcliffe Paula: My Story So Far"

I'm not sure where to start or even if I'll read them all.  I just know I'd really like to run.  I know I won't be able to do much at first.  I also know my knees/feet may not be able to take it.  Motrin may be my new best friend.  But I'll never get anywhere unless I try.

I know where I'm starting though - I downloaded an app a few months ago and just haven't worked up to using it yet - "Couch to 5K."  I may repeat several weeks of the 8-week program, but that's ok, because I feel like I'm worse than the "couch potato" more like "in bed with covers over my head shaking in fear of pain!"  Anyway, it's a starting point and along with that, I'd like to fill my brain with running knowledge and inspiration.

So, have you read any good books on running?  Please share - I'd love the input!

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