Monday, August 19, 2013

New Earbuds that actually STAY in Your Ear!

I'm calling last week a maintenance week.  Yep, I'm fairly pleased with my weigh-in considering what I put my body through the week prior.  So my weight was up from last week but down from the week prior.  What can I expect though?  There was some eating out, some more eating out and oh, did I mention a bit of eating out?  That, coupled with an almost complete lack of exercise, put me exactly well, here.  Sooooooo, on to the next!

It's a new week and even though the weigh-in really can't be considered a loss, it still keeps me on track with my WeightLossWars goal.  I'm on track to be within 5 pounds of my goal weight to split that pot.  Looking forward to crushing that goal and also breaking the ol' 200 pound barrier.

Looks like I'm going to change up my meal plan again.  Nothing too drastic, it's just some of the recipes I've added don't quite do it for me anymore.  There are certain meals I really enjoy, so I'll probably just swap those in.  Look for those changes coming up in the next week or so.  

Today, I bought myself an early birthday present.  Headphones that don't fall out of my ears!!!!  WHAT?!?! Yes!! Can you believe it????  I love walking/exercising with music, but those little earbuds always hurt my ears.  And if I'm REALLY working out hard, half the time they fall out, which can really break your momentum.  I'm sure there are other brands that do this, but today was the first time i saw them and so I scooped them up and they are mine.  But you too can check these bad boys out at this link on Amazon.  

I tested them out.  They look a bit big for my ear, but it's the second to the smallest size.  I read the instructions and that helped.  They kind of "lock" in place.  In fact, I think that's the whole point.  So I slip them in my ear, lock it and crank up my tunes.  I'm movin' my head this way and that and lo' and behold, they. stayed. in.  I know right?  I couldn't believe it myself, so I had my daughter try them on.  She ran all over the place and sure enough, they stayed in.

As for the pain typically caused by in-ear buds, these didn't cause any discomfort at all.  Now I didn't have them in for long, so the true test is yet to come.  But the standard earbud hurt almost as soon as I put them in.  I'll keep you posted.

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