Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to eat out at a BUFFET!!

So, I started on this post early because I didn't know what time I'd be back from dinner... 

We're meeting friends for dinner and to catch up each others' lives.  And we're eating out.  I knew we would, but fortunately it's only one day this week.  

But wait, it's a buffet.  I don't have a lot of control when it comes to those, but I'm going to try to stick to meat and veggies tonight.  Meat is expensive and veggies are good for you - sounds like a winning combo, right?  Yeah, right - I always try to eat my money's worth at these places, uggghhhh!  It's a new place for me too - a Brazilian Grill.  Never done that before, so it should be interesting - and filling!  This was a last minute thing too, so I'd already eaten according to plan all day.  If I'd known, I'd have cut back a bit in preparation. 

Ok, we're back from dinner.  It was AWESOME!!!  Very cool experience with the meat servers coming to your table.  I had several different marinated steaks, sausage, bacon wrapped filet mignon and I even tried a teensy tiny taste of marinated chicken heart (yep, tastes like chicken!).  They basically cook it and bring it to all the tables on a skewer then slice you a bite-sized piece right on your plate.  I waited til I had tried all the meats-maybe eight bites, then went and grabbed a nice salad, some fruit, and after that, a small spoonful (maybe a heaping tablespoon size) each of brown beans, black beans and rice.  Oh and I had water to drink.  

No room for dessert of course, but we did see the dessert tray.  There was this cake called "Death by Chocolate" and I'm fairly certain it would have been true had I tried to eat it.  If you can imagine your standard two-layer chocolate cake, then just make it SIX LAYERS THICK!!!  Oh my gosh I can't imagine trying to eat that alone.  It was easily 6 servings - probably 12 and literally a 12 inches from the top of the first layer to the plate.  Anyway, I was fine without it and so was my wallet!

I don't know if that was the best way to eat at this particular restaurant.  But I was very satisfied when I left.  I know I ate too much, but I wasn't in pain like I usually am after a buffet-type of meal.  I felt like I was on this protein high (or low?) after all that meat.  And a bit sleepy too lol!  

In answer to my title exclamation though... How to eat out at a buffet?  I came up with some "rules" I can tell myself

  1. Well, first get over the cost. All-you-can-eat places are typically pricey.
  2. Next, you don't literally have to EAT all you CAN!
  3. If you eat meat and want to feel full, eat a meat portion first and add on a side of veggies or salad that fills half the plate.
  4. If you like, after you've had meat and veggies, you could go back and sample (like a tablespoonful) some of those "carb-loaded" treats you love so much.  If there are just too many choices, pick your top five favorites and remind yourself that the restaurant will likely be here next week and you can come back and they will cook more food.
Now, if we stick to those 4 rules, I bet we can walk out of a buffet-type restaurant for less than 600 calories.  What do ya think?  Can we do it?!?!?

Finally, the fitness notes of today... my eating was questionable (I came up with the "rules" AFTER I got home from the buffet!)  I walked a little, but not nearly what I wanted to do. And I didn't drink enough water.  Good thing it's only Wednesday and I can kick it into high gear for the rest of the week!  

How's your week going?

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