Thursday, September 19, 2013

Did I just invent a new exercise?

Nah! No way, I can't be the first to try this, but I also couldn't find it anywhere.  But hey, necessity is the mother of invention.  Tonight I was trying to get in a quick upper body workout - I mean really quick.  I ran out of time today but still wanted to do something that would work chest, shoulders, back, triceps and biceps.  Well, I came up with an exercise that, for me, worked pretty much every single one - in less than 5 minutes!!

At first, I thought it would only work chest because that's pretty much what a bench press or push up or even a regular wall push-up might do.  But then, WOW!  It worked pretty much everything!

Wall push-ups with a "catch":

I stood facing the wall about an arm's length away - my middle finger was barely touching the wall if I kept my shoulders in line with my body.

Then I just leaned forward, keeping my back straight, and "caught" myself, arms slightly bent, about halfway to the wall (halfway before my face would smack into it really!).  I guess the best way to describe it would be that I used my arms like shock absorbers and slowly guided myself to the wall.

Next, I pushed off the wall as if I was doing a push-up, but actually let my arms drop to my side before the next rep.

And that's it.  I did a few sets and really felt that I worked chest, shoulders and triceps the most.  But I felt it in my back because I was concentrating on keeping my back straight.  I don't think swaying the back would be good in very many exercises, do you?

I guess it's the catching part that really changes this up.  If you try it though, remember to keep your back straight and don't let your hips fall toward the wall.  I had to concentrate on that the most - well, second most - first most was not hitting the wall with my face!!

So, after trying to come up with a name or at least how to describe this exercise, I found this page/exercise - "How to do: Wall Push-Ups with a Clap."  I didn't do the clap part, but this is definitely the idea.  Oh well, no new break-through exercise patent in my future, but it was fun to do anyway!

Have a fun-filled Friday everyone!!

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