Monday, September 16, 2013

Golden Rules from Kathrine Switzer

As I was planning this week's menu, I decided to change things up again this week.  With the rainy weather we've been having lately, I've been feeling very lazy.  I know that feeling will roll over into mealtimes tempting me to hit the drive-thru.  So, I switched all  my meals to choices I will DEFINITELY look forward to and that are also VERY EASY to prepare.

Dinner meals are the only ones where I have the desire to hit the lazy button.  So here are my quick and easy yet tasty dinners for the rest of this week...

Tues: Beef Au Jus w/ Mashed Potatoes & Green Beans
Wed:  Skillet Tostadas (This is probably my favorite meal of all 4 weeks of meal plans!)
Thur:  BBQ Meatballs w/ cauliflower/whole wheat pasta/cheese
Fri:  Shredded Pork Tacos and fresh corn-on-the-cob
Sat:  Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki on flat bread w/lettuce, tomato, cucumber and spinach

Did I mention that I was reading "Born to Run" by electronically checking it out from the library?  Well, apparently my checkout time was up, so I had to put the physical book on hold and wait for it to be available.  (I could probably check out the electronic book again soon, but I don't know the requirements.)  So in the meantime, one of the other "running" books I put on hold became available - "Running and Walking for Women Over 40" by Kathrine Switzer.  I don't know if I'll do a review of this one or not just yet, but I wanted to share something I just read...

Golden Rules for Running and Walking: 

1.) Running or walking regularly makes you feel good about yourself.  And when you feel good about yourself, your relationships with others are better as well.

2.) Move fast enough to puff a little and work up a sweat, but avoid going too fast too soon.  Your goal is sustained exercise that is comfortable but keeps you working.

3.) Drink water all day long.  No matter how much you think you're drinking, it's almost never as much as you need.

4.) Keep a training log.  You'll be amazed and proud of your progress. (You also won't skip workouts.)

5.) Have a goal. Whether it's completing your first mile or entering a local fun run six months from now, a goal keeps you motivated.

There are actually 17 of these "rules", but these are the ones that really caught my attention.  I think this book is geared more for women who have just decided to start working out.  It doesn't really matter to me though, good advice is good advice, whether we're seasoned veterans or brand-spanking newbies.

I almost forgot to mention the weigh-in.  Honestly, I almost forgot to weigh-in.  I was running late Saturday morning, so by the time I remembered to step on the scale I had more than PJs on and had food in my belly.  So I have no idea what the true weight was BUT with food AND clothes I was only up a pound from last week.  At the very least, I maintained.  I'm very happy with that.

Looking forward to a fantastic week!  Hope you are too.  Oh and if you haven't done so already, you can sign up now to receive my posts via email.  There's a sign-up gadget on the left side of the page - I tried it out and it works great!

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