Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Last minute dining out plan

Last night, we received an invitation to dinner for tonight at an Italian restaurant.  I decided to go, but to really watch food intake during the day to hopefully offset what I know will be a high calorie meal.  It's a four-course type thing, so I'm sure there'll be a salad.  Stick to a few small bites of appetizer.  For the entree, I'm thinking something baked instead of fried.  Then there's dessert, but of course there's no law that says you MUST eat the whole thing, is there?  There's not even one requiring us to eat dessert, but I'm thinking I'll give it a try.

So, my food so far today - cereal for breakfast, one cup of coffee, a turkey sandwich on wheat and 4 pita crisps.  It's a good thing dinner is at 6:30, because I don't know if I can hold off much longer!  It's 4:45 as I type this.  I should just go guzzle a liter of water!!  Then I'll just have to pee the whole time.  Of course all that walking back and forth to the restroom could be considered exercise, right?

Stats update on the Nike Fuel Band that I've been wearing since mid June...
Last month I burned 24,876 calories (this is active time only - it doesn't count cals when I sit or lay down or basically don't move)
Was active 336 hours
Stepped 175,023 steps
Walked 71.8 miles

And here's a pic of the year so far...

Finally, I had my dermatology appointment today.  Yep, I've got some really dry skin.  The doc prescribed a lotion, but also suggested some over-the-counter ones that have seen good results.  I also had a "mole check."  While I was only concerned about 3, the doc checked me from head to toe - literally.  The 3  I had concerns over were - one on the very top of my head that showed up last week, one on my back that seems to be growing and is odd-shaped, and one on my leg that just looks like a bug-bite scar, but has like a tiny lump underneath.  Turns out all of them are fine except the one on my scalp - that one had pre-cancerous cells and had to be treated.  So I sat still and winced as the doc froze the bugger on my scalp.  It's still a bit tender now, and I also got a headache for the rest of the day.  Not a bad one, just mild but still no fun.  Now, I go back once a year or so and get checked.

And that's it for my adventures today, how'd your day go?

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