Friday, September 20, 2013

Potluck at work - I survived.

I survived.  The potluck lunch today at work, that is.  I do believe I was the only one who brought something "green".  I made little cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches.  So, green - yes.  Healthy - questionable.  I did use light cream cheese though =D

I modified this recipe from

Cucumber and Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches
Picture by: RoosterandHen
1 English cucumber, unpeeled

4 oz light cream cheese, room temperature

1 TBS mayo (I used Kraft light mayo)

1 tsp garlic powder (recipe calls for a pinch of garlic salt but I didn't have any)

1/2 tsp dried dill weed

10 slices wheat bread

  1. Slice cucumber with a mandolin to make very thin slices.
  2. In a bowl, stir cream cheese, mayo, garlic and dill together until mixed well.
  3. Spread cream cheese mixture over 5 slices of bread, then lay cucumber slices in overlapping rows.  
  4. Top with remaining slices of bread.  Cut crusts from each sandwich and cut sandwiches into quarters.

I had leftover cream cheese and cucumbers with this recipe and used it like a "chips & dip" on the side. These little sandwiches went over really well.  Most folks had never tried them before.  I thought I overdid it on the garlic, but I wasn't sure of a garlic salt vs garlic powder equivalent.  Next time I'll just use garlic salt.  

The rest of the food included fruit salad (w/cool whip & marshmallows), baked ziti, meatball subs, and lumpia to name a few.  I sampled everything except the bread for meatball sandwiches and just had a couple meatballs instead.  It was all very yummy and I was quite satisfied.  I'm sure I consumed more calories than my normal lunch, but I skipped both snacks today and had a light dinner.  Hopefully that balanced the intake.

Weigh-in tomorrow - yay.  TOM showed up today (early) so I'm not looking forward to the weigh-in.  At least I now have an explanation for all the snack attacks this week.  It all makes sense now.  

Anyone got big plans for the weekend?  I'm just gonna kick back and relax.  Well, whatever you do, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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