Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Guess what day it is...

HUMP Daaay ye-ah!  I love that commercial.  And in case you haven't had enough of it in YOUR office, here's the vid one more time.  Come on, push the button, push it, you know you want to...

Alrighty then, how was your day?  Mine was pretty busy.  After work, we walked A LOT searching for senior picture locations.  I think it was probably around 2 miles.  And we're doing it again tomorrow - only this time we'll be hauling equipment for the shoot.  Yay for saving $ on portraits, but even bigger YAY on getting a workout while doing it!!  

With all this other activity I didn't get a chance to run yet, but I will soon!  Standard workouts are getting subbed out with quick hi-intensity stuff so that I'm at least moving while injured.

Here's another video, but this one is more on a serious note -  running technique.  I was so happy to find this video, as I get to put another face to a name from Born to Run.  This is Eric Orton - he coached/trained Chris McDougall for that 50-mile Copper Canyon race in Mexico.  He not only trained Chris, but Eric also ran in that race!  

I really like the way he explains this.  I'm gonna put it into practice.  And I hope to be physically able to run SOON!!  Aaaahhhhhhhh I can't wait!  I wish my body would get better NOW.  Ok, I'm done whining - it'll happen when it happens (but the sooner the better, right!?!)

Ok, off to bed.  Have a great day!

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