Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend and Whatnot

So even with all the snackyness of last week, I didn't gain like I thought I might.  YES!!  Lesson learned - keeping on exercising even when you don't feel like it - especially when snack attacks are relentless.  I showed a one pound gain, but TOM stopped by so I'm not too worried.

I added lots of fruits and veggies to the menu this week.  I plan to break free from all the snacks.  I love fruit so I'm looking forward to all the sweet healthy yumminess.

Yesterday my exercise entailed errands, lots of walking and chores around the house.  Meals were as planned.  Today, I was crazy busy all over the place at work and got lots of steps.  Did a quick upper body workout today too. 

I'm just plain beat today though.  For the last couple of weeks, most days I feel like I need a nap around 3 and some days I actually take one.  I'm not sure what's causing it, but I'm just going with it for now.

Yesterday, I was stepping off a sloping curb and rolled my right ankle.  Rolled it all the way over to where my ankle was literally touching the ground.  Fortunately my vehicle was there to catch me, but yeooooww did it hurt!  I checked it all out but other than the initial pain, my ankle didn't even swell or hurt at all later.  Amazing.

Back to some more running mechanics.  Here are a couple pics showing that heel-to-toe strike vs. how we run barefoot.  I know it's apples and oranges comparing the sand to track or asphalt, but you get the idea...

Well, I didn't get a nap today, so I'm hitting the hay now.  Have a sweet week! 

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