Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lab results are in...

Remember the 12 hour fasting lab work I mentioned before?  Well, the results are in...  I haven't done any research on this stuff yet, but i think some of it makes sense.  I don't have specific numbers, or at least, I don't remember them, but all of these are "borderline" - meaning that I'm not quite into the range, but I'm within like a few tenths of a point from it so I might as well be.  That about clear as mud?

Anyway, the word is that I'm slightly anemic - low iron; vitamin D deficient; and like a tenth of a point from hypothyroidism.  Given all that, the doc is like, "so, you must feel pretty tired a lot."  Uh, no.  Not really.  But apparently each one can make you feel tired - put 'em all together and I must be dragging all day along, right?  Well, still no.  Maybe I just got use to it?

The answer to all this?  Supplements - vitamin D and iron.  The hypothyroidism thing needs another pill.  The doc also mentioned that all these can affect metabolism.  Hmmm, interesting.  I did tell him that I've been working on getting healthy and working out and such.  I'm still averaging 1 pound a week.  He thought that was great.  I'm like, huh?!?  He says that 3-5 pounds a month may seem slow to me, but it's really good and it's more likely that I'll maintain easier once I reach my goal.  That was encouraging.

Oh and the original reason for going to the doc was to get help for super dry skin due to being here in the high plains desert of Colorado.  Every time I go back to a humid environment, it clears up instantly. What is surprising is that the vitamin D deficiency could also be related to living here.  Even though we get like 350 sunny days per year, it seems that people here at this altitude tend to be deficient in vitamin D.  I'm thinking I should just move back to the south!  Two problems solved!!

Next for me is looking for natural alternative remedies to the pills because I really hate taking pills!!  Maybe if I find a bunch of foods with vitamin D and iron?  I have no idea what can correct hypothyroidism, but hopefully losing weight will help.  Oh speaking of that, my sugar levels were also at the pre-diabetic stage.  I think weight loss will definitely help with that one.

One the bright side though, my bad cholesterol is down 10 points from last year and the good stuff is up!!  YAY!

And finally, for the health and fitness portion of our show today...

Food - good, water - ok, workout - done EARLY!!!!  Woot!

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