Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fallback Plan - Launching in 3... 2... 1...

Tracked very well today and ended up right on target with my points.  There was a last minute substitution at dinner because I didn't feel like cooking.

Want to know what I did?
Did I go out to eat?  NO!
Did I have something delivered?  NO!
So what did I do?
Wait for it.... <drum roll please>

I went to my fallback plan.  Wait a sec.  My What?!?

I know right?

When I made my menu this week, I decided to list a few things that could serve as an easy substitute in case I didn't feel like cooking.  This totally worked for me tonight.  I'm so happy that I had this to fall back on.  Plus it helped me stay on target for my points because it was a lower point meal.  (btw, the fallback plan was BLTs on wheat)

Tonight's dinner was supposed to be a recipe I want to try from the WeightWatcher's website.  It's called Chinese Pineapple Chicken with Black Bean Sauce.  It serves 4 (which means 2 full servings of leftovers for us) and has only 9 points which includes a half cup of brown rice.  I may try this tomorrow night depending on how my day goes.

The reviews on the WW site sound excellent, so I am looking forward to it.  I want to share it with you but I don't know if everyone can see the stuff on WW if they're not members.  So I searched for it and found it on  Here's the link... WW Chinese Pineapple Chicken with black bean sauce.  (oh, this site lists it as 7 points/serving).

I always chuckle at people who review recipes and rate them as a 5 after they changed a bunch of stuff.  Then they leave a comment like:

"Oh this recipe is wonderful!!  It's so delicious.  I only made a few small changes - added more garlic, a bit of parmesan, 2 tablespoons of honey mustard and a quarter cup of soy sauce and it was absolutely perfect!"

Wait.  Stop.  Hold on.  They just changed the whole thing, how can they rate something a 5 if they changed or added stuff to make it suit their tastes?  Which recipe was being rated?  Anyway, while I'm not planning on formally reviewing this recipe on the WW or website, I have already decided to change it up a bit.  Yep, call me a hypocrite.

First, the pineapple will be fresh not canned.  I just cut one up yesterday as it is the fruit of choice for this week and I don't see any reason why fresh wouldn't taste better. I'm also taking a suggestion from one reviewer whose husband accidentally picked up "black beans" at the store instead of the "black bean sauce."  They said it turned out fantastic.  Besides, the only black beans sauce I could find was "garlic black bean sauce."  I love black beans, but have no idea what the sauce is supposed to taste like, so I'm going with what I know.

Anyway, that's the plan.  It would've been dinner tonight, but I was just too wiped out after work today.
Speaking of work, it was very quiet - too quiet - so quiet that... well, forget the metaphor, just know that I was pretty darn bored.  The whole place will probably be a madhouse tomorrow though, that's the way of these things.

Well, hope you have a happy Friday everyone!!

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