Friday, October 11, 2013

Junk Food Day Points - Incredible!

We tried the WW Chinese Pineapple Chicken recipe tonight for dinner and it was fantastic!!  I'm looking forward to cooking this one again.  It took me a bit longer than the 15 min prep and 13 min cook times though - almost 45 minutes total.  Guess I'm slow.  I did have to cut up the pineapple though since I used fresh instead of canned.  But seriously, it was a very good meal - we enjoyed it.  I wonder also if they include the rice cooking time - it doesn't seem to since the recipe calls for "cooked rice" - so maybe I'm not as slow as I thought!

Plans for the weekend anyone?  I'm just thinking about taking in a movie or something.  If the weather isn't too terrible, I'd like to do something outside too.

In considering a movie, it reminds me of what I used to consume in one weekend day.  First, McD's Sausage Biscuit and a large sweet tea.  Lunch would be something like a Five Guys burger and fries plus soda.  For dinner, maybe 2-3 slices of pizza.  If I did go to the movies, we'd probably skip either lunch or dinner and have popcorn and soda at the theater.  Wow, that's a lot of food when I write it out like that!  Actually, maybe it's not so much a lot of food as it is a lot of calorie/fat dense foods.  

I tried to check the points on all that and I come up with something in the neighborhood of 75-90 points!!!  Holy smack-in-the-face Batman!  My daily points = 31.  Let's do some quick math...

Take the middle of the road for points and say this junk food day is... 82 points

I get 49 weekly points to spend however I want.
However, I tend to go over points by 2-3, several days a week, so I'd already have used approximately 9 of those 49...

What does all this mean?

It's just my reality check.  If I want to eat like that, I have to be prepared to workout/get active to earn back those 11 points.  Btw, those foods up there could possibly be what I'd consume on my previous Free days =(

Of course, I should be ultimately trying to get away from all those sorts of foods and eat healthy full time.  Well, I know that's not going to be the case anytime soon.  SO!  In the meantime, I'm going to be sure to get more active and start earning those extra points off!!

Have a great Columbus Day Weekend!!

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