Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fixing Bad Eating Habits

As I was exploring the WW website today, I came across an article called "A 4-Step Guide to Fixing Bad Health Habits" by Melissa Sperl (from the book Change Your Mind, Change Your Weight" (Mautner)).  There is some good info.  Check out these 4 steps...

Step 1) Keep a notebook - whatever you plan, write it down and track your progress every day.

Step 2) Make your intention real by coming up with a concrete plan of attack - be specific but realistic.

Step 3) Be flexible. Don't beat yourself up when you run into obstacles, but remember persistence is key.

Step 4) Acknowledge your success.  It's easy to lose your motivation when you don't see results as fast as you like them, so be sure to give yourself credit for even the small successes.

Those are a bit paraphrased from the article, but the main ideas are here.

There's also a long list of Bad Habits and examples of ways to overcome them.  Check it out if you have access - great ideas!

As for me, today in my WW realm, I went over by one point but then worked out and got some back.  Yes!  Way to go - I can do this! (Step four implemented - CHECK!)

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