Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Menu & Recipes - WW Points Included (week 1)

As promised, here's my first week's attempt at planning a menu using the point system.  This is cool because I now know the points BEFORE I eat instead of after (what a concept, right?).  My daily point goal is 31 and I have 49 extra to play with during the week plus any activity points I earn from exercise.

Here's what I did - I made the slow cooker sloppy joes AND the ravioli casserole ahead of time so that I don't have to worry about cooking dinner on Tuesday & Wednesday.  The Thursday & Friday meals are super simple and Saturday is Subway day so hopefully there won't be a need for my Fallback plan.

If you've ever done the WW thing, you may think that some of my numbers are off.  That's because I'm still using sugar, butter and real creamer.  They make you pay the points for that stuff, but it's yummy so I make the point sacrifice.  Eventually, I'm sure I'll go to more healthy versions of those or just give them up altogether.  Not sure about the sugar though - maybe I'll use honey or maple syrup or agave.  I just can't do the zero calorie stuff.  Even the "non-bitter" sugar substitutes taste bad to me.  Is there anyone else who feels that way?  It can't just be me (I hope).

Tuesday (TOTAL = 31 points)
Breakfast:  Bran Flakes w/banana & 2% milk, coffee w/pumpkin spice creamer (9 pts)
Lunch:  Ham Sandwich on wheat w/mustard & 1 TBS lite mayo, fruit & carrots w/ranch dip (11 pts)
Snack:  Pita Chips & WW Jalapeño cheese (4 pts)
Dinner:  Skinny Slow Cooker - Turkey Sloppy Joes from Skinny Ms, Side Salad w/ranch (11 pts)
UPDATE:  As I was cooking this tonight I realized I had missed where it said "not including buns" so I've changed the dinner points from 8 to 11 to include 3 points for the bun.  Good thing I missed my snack today!  I'll have to change out that snack to fruits & veggies so it'll be zero in the future.

Wednesday (TOTAL = 31 points)
Breakfast:  Healthy Pop Tarts from Chocolate Covered Katie, coffee w/pumpkin spice creamer (8 pts)
Lunch:  Leftovers (4 pts)
Snack:  Fresh fruit & celery mixed w/walnuts & FF vanilla yogurt (10 pts)
Dinner:  Mom's Easy Alfredo Ravioli Casserole from Simple Nourished Living (9 pts)

Thursday (TOTAL = 32 points)
Breakfast:  Grapenuts w/berries, 2% milk, coffee w/pumpkin spice creamer (8 pts)
Lunch:  Leftovers (9 pts)
Snack:  Pita Chips & WW Jalapeño cheese (4 pts)
Dinner:  BBQ Meatballs with Cauliflower mixed with whole wheat pasta & cheese (11 pts)

Friday (TOTAL = 32 points)
Breakfast:  Grapenuts w/berries, 2% milk, coffee w/pumpkin spice creamer (8 pts)
Lunch:  Leftovers (11 pts)
Snacks:  Fruit & carrots w/ ranch & WW Lemon snack cake (6 pts)
Dinner:  Skillet Tostadas on my recipe page (7 pts)

Saturday (TOTAL = 32 points)
Breakfast:  Omelet w/bacon & cheese (10 pts)
Lunch:  Leftovers (7 pts)
Snacks:  Fruit & white cheddar popcorn (3 pts)
Dinner:  Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki on Flatbread (10 pts)

Fallback Plan (just in case of crap or I get lazy and don't want to cook)
Spaghetti w/Olive Oil spritz & Parm w/Spinach & Strawberry salad plus Raspberry Vinaigrette (6 pts)
WW Frozen Dinner (6 pts)
BLTs on wheat (7 pts)

You'll notice I've only dipped into the weekly points by 4.  That means I can pretty much eat whatever I want on Sunday with a whopping 76 points left (45 weekly +31 daily).  I still like to think of that as my "Free Day" leftover from my Body For Life days.  That day is a huge psychological thing for me and I still look forward to it.

So, do you have any great recipes that are super low on points?  Do you incorporate a "Fallback Plan" in case of "emergency"?  Do tell...

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