Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Too Many "Never agains"

I can't believe I spaced this.  Do you remember way back when I posted about DietBet and how excited I was about participating?  I also mentioned this other site where I was competing - WeightLossWars.  Well, after DietBet, I weighed in once more on the WLW comp and then...

I completely forgot about it!!!

There weren't any mandatory weigh-ins for awhile and it totally slipped my mind.  So uh, yeah.  I think I might have won a couple dollars, but that's about it.  I just don't like not finishing something I start - very bad habit to get into - which is why I'm talking about this now.  Hopefully admitting failure in something now will prevent it in the future.  Anyway, I'm ready for another challenge especially with the holidays right around the corner.

It's the same every year.  Right around Halloween when all that stinkin' candy goes on sale, that's when it starts.  The end-of-year weight gain.   Then comes Thanksgiving where it seems we all give ourselves a pass in the food department then make like a turkey and get stuffed.  Next there's Christmas where more candy comes out the the wood work and there's even more food.  Finally, it's New Year's Eve and I'm saying to myself "Never again" again.

Well, this year will be different.  This year I'm saying "Never again" right now, not when it's too late and I've gained 10 pounds (I can seriously do that over these particular holidays).  

This year, I have been and continue to be working hard at losing this weight.  This year, I will still enjoy food during these holidays.  But this year, I will NOT gain weight.  Between October 31 and January 1.  I refuse to allow myself to fall into that rut again and have to start all over - again.  This year will be different.

Did you see the new season's 1st episode of Biggest Loser?  I like the show a lot even with some of the controversy around it.  I think all the contestants leave the ranch with new outlooks on life.  And I bet when they start losing all that weight they too are telling themselves - never again.

I'll say it once more.  This year I'm saying "Never again" right now, not when it's too late. 

For. The. Last. Time. NEVER AGAIN.

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