Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oh yeah, about that weigh-in

I've lost another half pound.  It's not much, but I'm glad it's still heading in the right direction.

And here's my very simple menu for this week.  (Can you tell I was pressed for time?)

Breakfasts:  Cereal w/fruit OR Yogurt w/granola & fruit

Lunches:  Leftovers or Sandwiches

Snacks:  Fruit, veggies, homemade Trailmix, Protein shakes

Mon - Ground turkey w/brown rice, cauliflower & broccoli, & unsweetened applesauce
Tue - Roast Pork Tenderloin w/mashed potatoes & broccoli
Wed - Spaghetti w/spinach & strawberry salad
Thu - Tex Mex Turkey w/corn, black beans & roasted red bell peppers
Fri - Pita pizza w/ pineapple, mushrooms & ham
Sat - Subway Sweet onion chicken teriyaki on flatbread

I haven't figured out points yet because the WW website was having some issues since some server crash this weekend.  I'll update this post later with the points.

Only 5 days 'til the 5K!

Oh and here's me rockin' the Waldo/Wenda costume - shirt, hat & glasses!  I'm glad I won't be the only one wearing this - it's sooooo flattering.


  1. I will pass on the sweet onion teriyaki chicken from Subway, but everything else sounds delish! Woop! The 5k is almost here!!

    1. LOL! Oddly enough, I don't put any onion on my sweet onion sub - just chicken, provolone, cucumber, lettuce, tomato & sweet onion sauce. It's the sweet onion sauce that's makes it so delish - it's like dessert on a sandwich.


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