Friday, October 25, 2013

Tex Mex Chili

Alrighty then, I have a new favorite dinner meal.  The Tex Mex turkey, corn and black beans - awesome!  The flavors were excellent together and only 10 points for a generous serving.  I'm gonna call it "Tex Mex Chili".

I started flipping through Chris Powell's book "Choose to Lose" and found this dinner meal.  Most of the foods in this book are super simple - which is exactly what I look for and need.  I'm looking forward to trying more of these meals.

So, here's what's what on on this one...

  • Brown 1 pound of turkey (don't overcook) and drain it.  
  • Next, while the turkey is draining, put the corn (small can) and the black beans (reg size can) in the same pan the turkey was cooked in.  Mix it up.
  • Add some salsa (I used medium Pace), and also some hot sauce - like 10 "drops" of so.  
  • Put the turkey back in pan with beans/corn and heat until just barely boiling.  
  • Serve with a roasted (or raw) red bell pepper.  
I spent maybe 20 minutes total from start to sit-down-and-eat.  It was outstanding and quite the serendipitous find.

Not my pic, but close
(I chowed down on mine and completely forgot about a pic - next time though)

The funny thing is, when I first purchased the book and started reading it, I found it pretty confusing because I didn't understand the whole carb-cycling thing.  I guess I still don't, but I'm reading more and more about it.  I also didn't think the meals sounded very appealing.  Guess I'm changing my tune now, huh?  As I learn more about carb-cycling, I'll share the info.  I love learning new stuff!

Two more days til the 5K!!!  Can't wait!  My left knee has been acting funky (no idea why), but I'm taking some motrin and drinking lots of water - not that that's the fix, but it certainly can't hurt.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  First race report on Monday - yay!


  1. Such a simple tex mex chili - love it! Cant' wait for the 5k recap! :D

    1. It was so good, we're having it again this week!


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