Monday, October 21, 2013

Registered for 5K - Check!

The Waldo Waldo is this Sunday, October 27.  Can't wait - this will be my first ever 5K.  I haven't really trained for it due to the whole calf injury, but even if I walk the whole thing I will still have a first and lasting memory.

This is the second annual Waldo Waldo Colorado Springs charity walk/run.  With the registration fee you receive a "Where's Waldo?" costume to wear and support the community.  Proceeds will go to the restoration and maintenance of Waldo Canyon as well as other parks, local trails and open spaces in Colorado Springs.  

I hiked Waldo Canyon several years ago and it was beautiful.  I'm so happy to be able to support the restoration efforts.

There's also a World Record at stake - trying for the largest gathering of people dressed as Waldo.  The current record is 3,872.  It would be so cool to see that happen and especially be a part of it!  So if you live near Colorado Springs, come join us!!  

This is not a timed race, and I'm ok with that - especially since it's my first one.  I will be timing it myself though using the Map My Walk app.  

Like I said earlier, I haven't been training for this event, though I do walk quite a lot.  However, this morning I actually ran for a little bit.  Yes, you read that correctly - I said "RAN"!  

It was all rather awkward actually.  I needed to go to the vet to pick up Coal's meds.  So I decided me and the pups could use some exercise.  It was a bit cold - in the lower 40s - ice on the road in some places, but no wind.  We walked there, picked up the meds, said "Hi!" to the doc for a social visit again for the pups and then headed back home.  

After we got off the road and onto a dirt path, I started running.  This is where the awkward part comes in - I had two dogs on two leashes (those fast plastic-handled retractable kind) in one hand and a plastic bag with the meds in the other.  I let the leashes all the way out so the pups could run ahead or stay back as they liked, but that was a mistake because Gabbie kept coming up from behind on my right and Coal was running on my left.  Plus the plastic bag was swinging all over the place.  I definitely should've thought this out more, but it was still fun.

The path was on a slight decline so it wasn't too hard.  Coal loved it and ran with me but the Gabster wanted to stop and smell the roses weeds.  With Coal and I running though, she decided it was in her best interest to keep up with the pack.  I'd say we ran a little over a quarter mile before I decided it was time to walk again.  The main thing is I tried out my calf and there was no pain whatsoever!  I'm so happy!!  

Winter is quickly approaching but I really don't want to use the treadmill for running just yet.  I'd like to find a good comfortable pace for me and then transfer to the treadmill when it's too cold or slippery to run outside.  I think I'll set a minimum temperature and wind condition for outdoor exercise.  If it's not windy, 30 is ok, but if it's windy then probably 45-50.  The wind here is what makes it seem so cold.  In fact, I've seen crazy dedicated people out running in <20 degree weather with no wind, dressed only in shorts and a jacket with steam coming off the tops of their heads.  They've probably layered their clothes, but still - shorts!  Anyway, I hate being cold, so I'll be sticking with the treadmill on those days.

What's the worst weather you've exercised in?  What's worse for you?  Cold or heat?

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