Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Stairs, I do stairs now.

Yep, me - stairs.  Can you believe it?

It used to be so painful to climb just ONE flight of stairs, now, I do several.  On purpose.  What?!?!

My knees were what bothered me before, but now it's what I've been doing to get rid of the stiffness from sitting so long at work.  After 2-3 hours of sitting, I have to get up or else my feet go to sleep and my joints start aching.  

So, I use the stairs.  Up a couple of flights, walk a hallway, up a couple more flights, walk a hallway, down a couple flights... you get the idea.  I do this for about 15 minutes at least a couple times each day at work.

It's nice to be able to take the stairs again.  It's also fun to see the looks of disbelief when I suggest taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  

That's right... 
I  |_                      _|
am |_                 _|
the    |_            _|
Stair    |_       _|
Master   |_  _|

Ok, not quite yet. =D

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