Wednesday, November 20, 2013

To Eat or Not to Eat over the Holidays

I think I'm going to spread the wealth a bit on food intake.  I hate overeating to the point of pain and suffering.  So, this year it's going to be spread out over the entire holiday period.  A piece of pie one day, a piece of fudge the next.  A nice dinner one day and another a few days later.

Will this work?  I have no idea.  What are you gonna do different?  Anything?

Today was a crazy busy day, but I got my workouts done.  I didn't make it to the big gym as planned, but I did get it done in my LR gym.

Month 1 Week 3 Day 2 from (1 hour)

Lift: Back, Shoulders, Abs. 2 sets of 10-12 reps for 2 exercises each body part.
Bike: 30-35 minutes stationary bike. Check HR often on this workout. Do a continuous hill workout. Every 2 minutes, add a gear or two (increase resistance). Keep climbing until you have reached halfway through the ride/workout.  At the halfway point, start taking a gear or two OFF every 2 minutes.  Come down as slowly as you went up.  5 minute cool down.
Stretch: 10-15 minutes of FULL BODY stretching.

Bike Workout Summary
I still haven't replaced the batteries on my bike computer - on my to do list now!  Anyway, I did 35 minutes including the cool down and increased the resistance up to the halfway point.  It started getting pretty tough to keep a good cadence going.  Then finally the halfway point on to the end of the workout was very nice - just like riding down hill the whole way.

Strength Training (Lift):
1) Lat Pulldowns 12 @ 50; 12 @ 110
2) Dumbbell (DB) lawnmower pulls 12 @ 5lbs x2
1) DB Shoulder Press 12 @ 15 x2
2) DB Side Raises 12 @ 3 x2
1) Ball Crunch 12 x2
2) Leg lifts 12 x2

Full Body 30 seconds per muscle.

After the workout, I ate dinner and then about 45 minutes later, we headed to the pool.  I definitely like the group lesson!  There were 3 of us and that meant that I was able to catch my breath while the other 2 swam.  Then I'd go and once I was halfway, the next person would go and then finally the third.  I had a nice 30-45 second break each time.

I felt much more confident this time.  I had tried to practice the other day and it went horribly, but for some reason, this time it went pretty well.

Guess I have to just keep swimming...

I love this movie.

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