Monday, November 18, 2013

1st Milestone in Sight

Between May 2014 and August 2014, I have been and am working to achieve my weight loss goal of losing 80 pounds.  If I were 20 years younger, I'd do it in half that time, but this is how it is.

I started this journey in May of this year and I'm finally approaching what I consider "Milestone 1" - 20 pounds lost.  I can't believe it's taken me 6 months.  Well, such is life, right?

My doc tells me that a slow weight loss will likely lead to permanent weight loss.  I guess that's something.

Looking back on my early posts, I had envisioned a 2 pound/week weight loss and achieving my goal by February 24, 2014.  Uh... yeah, that's not going to happen.

BUT!!! My first milestone will certainly be this month.  I'm .7 pounds away AND on top of that, I'm 5.8 pounds away from "One-derland" (yay!).

Reaching yet another goal of being under 200 will be such a huge motivator for me.

In order to accomplish these goals, I absolutely must exercise.  I'm very much looking forward to the day that I whole-heartedly look forward to the workout.  I'm not there yet, but here's what was on the plan for today...

Month 1 Week 3 Day 1 (from 2 hrs

Lift: Chest, Triceps, Legs. 2 sets of 10-12 reps for 2 exercises each body part.
Bike:  20-25 minutes indoors.  Use upright bike.  Work on keeping feet flexed (like scraping gum off the bottom of your shoes) and upper body relaxed.  Keep resistance moderate and throw in 30-45 second sprints every 5 minutes.  5-minute cool down.
Stretch:  10-15 minutes of FULL BODY stretching.

Here's what I did:

Tried to practice what I learned in last week's Swim session.  I didn't count laps, but I was in the pool for at least 30 minutes.  Did I swim the whole time?  No, I did ingest quite a bit of pool water though - yuck!  Got out of the pool and spent some time in the hot tub - ahhhhhh.

Showered off the chlorine, dried off and changed.  Headed off to do bike workout...

Bike Workout Summary:
Stationary upright bike on manual setting level 8 for 25 minutes - including 5-minute cool down.  Every 5 minutes, I upped the RPMs to 90-100 for 45 seconds.  This actually got my HR up to 126 for a few seconds.

155 Calories, 4.78 miles, average speed 11:49 mph, average HR 115.

Strength Training (Lift):
1) Bench Press Machine 12 @ Setting 3 x2
2) Roc-It Pec Fly Machine 12 @ Setting 3 / 10 @ setting 2

1) FreeMotion Tricep Machine 12 @ 20 x2
2) Arm Extension Machine 12 @ 30 x2

1) Roc-It Leg Extension Machine 12 @ Setting 2 x2
2) Leg Press 12 @ 100 x2
3) Leg Curl Machine 12 @ 30 x2
4) Seated Curl Machine 12 @ 55 x2
5) Abduction machine 12 @ 125 x2
6) Adduction machine 12 @ 115 x2
7) Calf Raises 12 x2
8) Angled Calf Raises 12 x2

Full Body 30 seconds per muscle.

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