Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day Setbacks and Successes

Since it seems I'm starting over, why not call today my "first day".  Although I've had many first days, they're always different.  One will be remembered as the first day that never happened and others have gone off without a hitch.  Well, today was great until I realized today at around 5pm that we'd be eating out tonight.  Remember I mentioned my son's birthday?  Uh, yeah, totally spaced that we'd be going out to a restaurant of his choosing.  What'd he pick?  First choice was Buffalo Wild Wings, but that's like an hour drive away, so second choice won and we went to Hooters.  I think I had about 12 wings (naked hot) and maybe a handful of fries, plus a couple glasses of sweet tea.  It was sooooo good and I felt sooooo bad (still feeling painfully full actually).

This is how I ended up where I am today.  No control.  Sure I could have planned ahead and picked some salad or something.  But what's the point of going to Hooters if you don't have wings?  And to top that off, it was "All you can eat wings Monday."  That's like saying "buffet" to me.  You've just gotta get your money's worth, right?  Well, next time, I'll draw the line at far less than a dozen - I swear.   On a positive note, I didn't have beer!!  That must've saved several hundred calories!

And here's what the more successful part of my day looked like:
Core exercise/Stretches 30 min
Walked 30 min

Breakfast:  Kashi Go Lean Crunch (Honey Almond Flax) w/ 2% milk
Snack:  Nutri-Grain Apple Cinnamon cereal bar
Lunch:  Leftover burger on wheat bun with tomato, bbq chips
Snack:  Nectarine
Dinner:  Hooters :( 
I managed to drink about 60 oz of water today as well and hopefully the 60 minutes of exercise will help offset the huge dinner.  (Wish I could've fit another "60" in there for the trifecta, but alas it is not to be.)

In other news, today I received the Grape Seed Oil I ordered from Amazon.  Anybody tried this stuff?  I have several recipes from "Just Tell Me What to Eat" that use it.  According to the book and some different web sites, grape seed oil is beneficial because:
  • Like olive oil, it contains no saturated fat and is considered a "healthy oil"
  • Has a lighter, more neutral taste than olive oil
  • Has a higher smoke point than olive oil at 485F (though some say they're the same at 325F)
  • Grapeseed oil is great for searing and cooking at higher temperatures
I'm looking forward to trying this 
Well, here's to an excellent and healthy tomorrow.  I plan to stay on track tomorrow even with the food pushers at work trying to talk me into "Taco Tuesday."  I WILL BE STRONG!!

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