Friday, September 19, 2014

Morton's Neuroma Foot Doc Appointment #2 - The First Shot

Injury and pain sure can take the wind out of your sail.  I'm not sure if I was overdoing the exercise or if the pain would've gotten worse anyway.  Either way, this week has been light in the exercise department.  I've even had to stop walking except when necessary.  =(

All this just in time for the podiatrist appointment today.  I was very unsure about getting a shot in the foot again.  I went through a series of cortisone-like shots back in 2008 and that's not a pain I'll soon forget.  But if this alcohol solution thing rids me of pain, I'm willing to try it.

The doc was running behind schedule today (aren't they always?).  After waiting almost an hour past my appointment time and giving me WAY too much time to contemplate the impending painful shot, the doc walks in and apologizes for running behind.  I was somewhat perturbed and responded with "what? it's only an hour".  He may or may not have appreciated that comment.  He did explain why he was delayed and it was completely understandable, so I forgave him and we moved on.  He went right to the shot.  I actually didn't feel that much pain.  Here's how it went.

Doc:  Slight pinch now… <needle inserted>

Me:  <preparing for pain but just feel the pressure>

Doc:  I'm gonna need your help finding the right spot, so tell me when it hurts 

Me:  uh, ok?  so, you actually want it to hurt more?!?!?

Doc:  yep, that way there's an even better chance that this'll work.  So, here?  <as he starts moving the needle around in my foot>

Me:  uhhhh…

Doc:  it'll hurt like hell - how about here?  <moves the needle a few millimeters>

Me:  ow, hurts a little - not like hell though

Doc:  ok, now?  <moves needle a few more millimeters>

Me:  OW!

Doc:  Got it.

I guess you could say it felt like someone stuck a needle in my foot, but… well… he did.  He started slowly pushing the plunger of the needle.  Then he stopped.  Waited a couple seconds.  Tapped the plunger a bit more - I mean like he was barely pushing it.  I felt an ever-so-slight pressure in my foot, but nothing extreme.  And then he pulled the needle out and we're done.

Wow.  I'm so shocked!  I'll definitely go back for the whole series.  It was nothing like the cortisone shots at all.  Oh my gosh I'm so relieved.  I hope this works now - 86% chance.  If you want to see some pictures of this stuff, just do an image search of "morton's neuroma" and you'll get more than you bargained for - I just did.

But here are the ones I took today…

Torture Chamber

Spot of the Shot

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