Monday, May 27, 2013

Whew! First week DONE!!

Victories abound over the weekend - on Saturday I drank 100+ ounces of water!!  Yay!!!  I stopped counting at 100, but I think it was like 106?  Anyway, now I know I can do the water - I was starting to wonder.  Food and exercise went well too, with only slight modifications here and there.

Sunday is a "free day".  I don't plan, track, do or have anything to do with exercise or meal planning.  It is a true day off.  I'm not trying to overeat though I do pick up whatever I was craving the most throughout the week.  This week it was Arby's.

Today was nice.  We went geocaching in the neighborhood.  Took the dogs out for a walk with us - I think they enjoyed themselves a lot!  It was only about a mile round trip, but fun finding the cache.

We had to walk through this...

To get to climb all over this!!
Actually, it wasn't that bad.  I didn't bring the pups through the cacti, but there's enough grass/rock/dirt to avoid them if you're a human.

Oh and I almost forgot the best news!!!  I lost a pound!  What's that?  Only a pound you ask?  Why yes, my friend, one pound.  However, I feel that had TOM not visited on Friday, it would've been a greater loss.  Now that I'm getting the whole water thing under control as well, I expect a bigger number next week. Until then, a loss is a loss and ON TO THE NEXT!!

Ok, I mentioned I was going to look into Weight Watchers.  I always thought in the past it was this huge scam on people trying to lose weight - especially if you end up buying their brand name foods.  Well, it seems I may have been mistaken.  (Shhhh!  Don't tell my DD - she loves it when I'm wrong!) Weight Watchers is at the top of the list.  They are the number one weight loss company in the U.S.  (I'll get a reference on that, b/c I want it too.)  

Anyway, there are lots of meetings around my area, but it can also be done online without ever attending a meeting.  The cost is around $5/week for the online program (there's gadgets and such for the phone and online tools as well) and approximately $10/week for the whole pkg (unlimited meetings plus all the online tools).  I'm leaning toward the whole pkg just because I want to be around positive people who are going through some of the stuff I am, you know what I mean?  I also don't want to do this alone anymore - I need accountability somewhere.  I think the coolest thing is they have meetings especially for folks needing to lose over 50 lbs.  I plan to stop by on the way home tomorrow or later this week if I forget about tomorrow ;p

Well, I'm calling it a night.  Hope everyone had a happy and safe Memorial Day!  

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